Jesu corona Virginum

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General information

Office hymn for the Common of Virgins, traditionally ascribed to St. Ambrose. The Liber usualis commends 3 tunes:

  1. Mode 8 Je(g)su(hi) co(j)ro(ih)na(g) Vir(h)gi(f)num(g) (c.f. Guerrero)
  2. Mode 2 Je(d)su(f) co(fe)ro(g)na(fd) Vir(e)gi(g)num(f) (c.f. Victoria)
  3. Mode 4 Je(eed)su(c) co(eg)ro(ggf)na(dc) Vir(d)gi(d)num(e) (temp. Pasch.)

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1. Jesu corona virginum,
quem mater illa concipit
quæ sola virgo parturit,
hæc vota clemens accipe.

2.  Qui pascis inter lilia,
septus choreis virginum,
sponsus decorus gloria, [alt. sponsas decorans]
sponsisque reddens præmia.

3.  Quocumque pergis [tendis], virgines
sequuntur, atque laudibus
post te canentes cursitant
hymnosque dulces personant.

4.  Te deprecamur largius,
nostris adauge sensibus
nescire prorsus omnia,
corruptionis vulnera.

5.  Virtus, honor, laus, gloria,
Deo Patri cum [et] Filio,
Sancto simul Paraclito
In sæculorum sæcula. Amen.

English.png English translation

1 Jesu, the Virgins' crown, do Thou
Accept us as in prayer we bow;
Born of that Virgin, whom alone
The Mother and the Maid we own.

2 Amongst the lilies Thou dost feed,
By Virgin choirs accompanied
With glory decked, the spotless brides
Whose bridal gifts Thy love provides.

3 They, wheresoe'er Thy footsteps bend,
With hymns and praises still attend:
In blessed troops they follow Thee,
With dance, and song, and melody.

4 We pray Thee therefore to bestow
Upon our senses here below
Thy grace, that so we may endure
From taint of all corruption pure.

5 All laud to God the Father be,
All praise, Eternal Son, to Thee
All glory as is ever meet,
To God, the holy Paraclete.

Translation by John Mason Neale
English.png English translation

1 Jesus, crown of virgins,
whom that mother bore
who alone gave birth as a virgin,
merciful, receive these prayers.

2 You feed among the lilies,
surrounded by choir of virgins,
a bridegroom beautiful with glory
and giving rewards to his brides.

3 Wherever you go, virgins
follow, and with praises
they hurry after you singing,
and they make sweet hymns resound.

4 We pray you to you most abundantly:
strengthen our senses
not to know in the least all
the wounds of corruption.

5 Praise, honour, virtue, glory
to God the Father, and to [and with] the Son,
together with the Holy Spirit
for ever and ever. Amen.

Translation by Campelli

Polish.png Polish translation

1. Korono dziewic wspaniała
O Synu Matki, co w sławie
Dziewictwa, rodząc, została,
Słysz modlitwy nasze łaskawie

2.  Gdzie zwrócisz kroki, tam panny
Za tobą spieszą i pienia
Zawodząc, hymn nieustanny
Śpiewają dawcy zbawienia!

5.  Moc, triumf, pienie, cześć trwała
Niech Ojcu z Synem wraz będzie
Duchowi pociech niech chwała
Po wszystkie wieki brzmi wszędzie!

Translation by Tadeusz Karyłowski

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