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Born: before 1630 in Ubthal;

Died: 1678 in Eger


Johann Georg Franz Braun published a collection of songs in latin: Odae sacrae in 1658. On the title page he is called "Choir conductor at St. Nikolaus in Eger" . In 1664 a second collection, a devotional book for the local Marian brotherhood supervised by the Jesuits, was published: "Marianischer Psalter/ das ist: Siben grosse vnd kleine Tagzeiten/ der rein- vnd vnbefleckten/ auch schmertzhafften Jungfrawen Mariae, neben andern schönen Gebettlein". Braun was a member of this society. Since this collection of songs and prayer was quickly sold out, he published it anew in an enlarged version in 1675 as: Echo Hymnodiae Coelestis, Nachklang der himmlischen Sing-Chör/ das ist/ Alte- und neue catholische KirchenGesänge/ auf die fürnehmste Zeiten deß gantzen Jahrs/ wie auch Fest-Täge der gebenedeyten Mutter Jesu/ und etlich anderer Heiligen Gottes erneut heraus.

Braun dedicated his publications to the Council of the Imperial City of Eger. One of the councilors was his father-in-law. The fact that he belonged to the wealthy upper class of the city is also shown by the representative house on the market square, which he lived in from 1659 until his death. His economic livelihood was probably not church music, perhaps a trading company. His songbooks were already replaced in 1701 by the Hymnodia catholica published in Eger. (Translated from the german wikipedia article on the composer).

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