Johann Knöfel

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Aliases: Johannes Knöfel; Johann Knöfelius; Johann Knefelius; Johann Knoffel; Johann Kneffel


Born: c. 1530, Lubiń, Poland

Died: after 1617, Prague?


Knöfel was cantor at the Valentin Trotzendorff Lateinschule, a Lutheran institution, at Goldberg (now Złotoryja), Silesia, when he was about 30 years old. He was married on June 21, 1569, by which time he had become Kapellmeister to Duke Heinrich V of Liegnitz, Brieg and Goldberg. By 1579 he was Kapellmeister to the Elector Palatine Ludwig VI at Heidelberg. In 1583, Ludwig VI died, his replacement was a Calvinist, and the Lutheran Knöfel was fired and returned to Silesia. In 1592 he was organist and cantor at St. Heinrich in Prague.

Knöfel was noted for his advocacy for the use of Gregorian Chant and Latin in the Lutheran service.

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List of choral works

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  • Dulcissimae quaedam cantiones, numero xxxii, 5–7vv … tum musicis instrumentis aptae esse possint (Nuremberg, 1571)
  • Cantus choralis … 5vv … quo per totum anni curriculum praecipuis diebus festis in ecclesia cantari solet (Nuremberg, 1575)
  • Missa, 5vv, ad imitationem cantionis Orlandi ‘In me transierunt (Nuremberg, 1579)
  • Cantiones piae, 5, 6vv … quam instrumentis musicis accommodae (Nuremberg, 1580)
  • Newe teutsche Liedlein, 5vv, welche den mehrern Theil den Brauch dieser Welt beschreiben (Nuremberg, 1581)
  • Novae melodiae, 5–8vv … instrumentali pariter musicae accommodatae (Prague, 1592)

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