La terre les eaux va buvant

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French.png French text

La terre les eaux va buvant,
L'arbre les boit par sa racine,
La mer éparse boit le vent,
Et le soleil boit la marine.

Le soleil est bu de la lune,
Tout boit soit en haut ou en bas,
Suivant cette règle commune,
Pourquoi donc ne boirons-nous pas?

English.png English translation

Earth goes drinking the waters,
the tree drinks them through its roots,
the wide sea drinks the wind
and the sun drinks the ocean.

The sun is drunk by the moon;
all drink, be they high or low.
Following this common rule,
why then don't we have a drink?

English.png English translation

The Earth drinks water if you please,
The tree drinks the same through its roots,
The sea for its part drinks the breeze,
And the sun drinks the sea when it suits.

The sun’s also drunk by the moon,
Everything drinks, lowly or grand,
So following this common tune,
Shouldn’t we drink what’s on hand?

Translation by Thomas Daughton

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