Lauda mater Ecclesia

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General information

Office hymn for the feast of St. Mary Magdalene (LU gives Pater superni luminis instead). Text by Odo of Cluny

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1. Lauda mater Ecclesia
lauda Christi clementiam
qui septem purgat vitia
per septiformam gratiam.

2. Maria soror Lazari
quae tot commisit crimina
ab ipsa fauce tartari
redit ad vitae limina.

3. Post fluxae carnis scandala
fit ex lebete phiala
in vas translata gloriae
de vase contumeliae.

4. Aegra currit ad medicum
vas ferens aromaticum
et a morbo multiplici
verbo curatur medici.

5. Contriti cordis unctio
cum lacrimarum fluvio
et pietatis actio
ream solvit a vitio.

6. Surgentem cum victoria
Jesum videt ab inferis
prima meretur gaudia
quae plus ardebat caeteris.

7. Uni Deo sit gloria
pro multiformi gratia
qui culpas et supplicia
remittit et dat praemia.

English.png English translation

1. Praise Mother Church;
praise the clemency of Christ
who purges the seven vices
by sevenfold grace.

2. Mary, the sister of Lazarus,
who committed so many crimes,
from the jaws of hell
returns to the threshold of life.

3. After a flood of sins of the flesh
from a pottery bowl
she changes into a vessel of glory
from a vessel of contumely.

4. She runs sick to the doctor
bearing a pot of perfume
and from malignant illness
the word of the physician cures her.

5. She anoints her contrite heart
with a flood of tears
And her action of piety
and her guilty plea pay for her vice.

6. She sees Jesus rising
victorious from the grave
and earns that first joy
which burns brighter than the rest.

7. To God be the glory
for his manifold grace
so that guilt and punishment
is remitted and the prize given.

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