Louis Lambillotte

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Born: 27 March 1796

Died: 27 February 1855


Louis Lambillotte (born Lahamaide) was a Belgian Jesuit, composer and palaeographer of Church music, associated with the restoration of Gregorian music, which he inaugurated and promoted by his scientific researches and publications.

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List of choral works

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  • Chants à Marie (4 vol.), Paris 1841–1868.
  • Choix de cantiques sur des airs nouveaux, Paris, 1848.
  • Oratorio pour le jour de Pâques; oratorio pour le jour de la Pentecôte, Paris, 1846.
  • Recueil de chants sacrés, Paris, 1851.
  • Antiphonaire de Saint Grégoire, Bruxelles, 1851.

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