Marbrianus de Orto

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Aliases: Marbriano de Orto; Marbrianus Dujardin


Born: about 1460

Died: January or February 1529

Biography: The Netherlandish composer Marbrianus de Orto was a contemporary and colleague of Josquin des Prez — they served together in the Sistine Chapel choir in the 1490s — and their compositional styles bear much in common. Although de Orto has disappeared into relative obscurity in comparison to his far more famous colleague, it is quite evident that he was highly regarded in his day: the renowned Venetian printer Ottaviano Petrucci dedicated one of his earliest publications (1505) to a set of five masses by de Orto.

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List of choral works

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  • Misse de Orto (Venice, 1505)

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