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Born: 2 February 1930 Náchod

Died: 11 January 1998


Upon completing the conservatoire in 1949, Raichl continued his studies at the Academy of Musical Arts (AMU)   in Prague graduating in the class of Pavel Bořkovec in 1953, which was followed by a post-graduate course under Václav Dobiáš (until 1956). Having completed his studies, he worked for a short while in the Czech Music Archives (1958-62) and as secretary of the Composers' Union (1965-70). After 1980 until his death in 1998, he also taught music at the Pardubice Music Conservatoire.

As a composer, Raichl started with symphonies and other large orchestra works, slowly progressing through a variety musical forms and genres towards vocal compositions with emphasis on children's choirs that became his lasting legacy. His vocal works for children as well as his works for adults tell a real-life story and show artistic qualities that have won him international acclaim and are continually sung at festivals around the world.

Apart from that, the author is admired for his professionalism in instructing composition at the conservatoire and in his leadership of performing bodies.

All scores are submitted with permission of the composer's heirs.

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