Noel Bauldeweyn

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Born: ca. 1480?



Bauldeweyn replaced Jean Richafort at St. Rombouts in Mechelen 1509 and was succeeded there by Jacques Champion in 1513, beyond which no definite facts are known of his life: the death at Antwerp of a canon Nicolaus Bauldini in 1529/1530 has caused some confusion. 7 masses (including Missa Da pacem (Josquin des Prez)) and a dozen motets survive.

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List of choral works

Doubtful and misattributed works

  • Ach hülff mich layd, 4vv, attrib. Bauldeweyn, Buchner, Josquin, Pirson
  • Ave caro Christi cara [= Ave Christe immolate], 4vv, by Josquin

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