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Ordinary Time is the current Roman Catholic system of numbering days of the church year that fall outside of the Christmas and Easter cycles. It first went into effect in Advent of 1969.

Formerly Sundays following Epiphany formed their own season and numbering began anew for Sundays after Pentecost, a system still used by many Protestant churches as well as the Eastern Rite. Ordinary Time begins with Baptism, continues with OT 2 thru OT 33 (interrupted by the movable Easter cycle) and ends with Christ the King.

Ordinary Time was adopted at the same time as the three-year lectionary. While readings changed, the sung propers were adapted from the one-year cycle, in most cases with only slight adjustments (for OT 7 & 29-32 many chants were borrowed from weekday masses). The Anglican church has adopted these, while naming the post-Pentecost Sundays Proper 7 (Sunday closest to June 22) etc… instead of OT 12.

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Ordinary Time corresponding Tridentine propers Anglican use nearest date
Baptism of the Lord
OT 2 Epiphany II after Jan 13
OT 3 Epiphany III
OT 4 offertory and communion B&C in common with Septuagesima
introit from Thursday after Lent IV
OT 5 offertory and communion A&C in common with Sexagesima
introit from Saturday "Quatuor Temp. Septembris" (GR61p371)
OT 6 Quinquagesima
OT 7 Pentecost I
OT 8 Sunday within the octave of Corpus Christi
OT 9 Pentecost III
OT 10 Pentecost IV
OT 11 Pentecost V
OT 12 Pentecost VI Proper 7 June 22
OT 13 Pentecost VII Proper 8 June 24
OT 14 Pentecost VIII Proper 9 July 6
OT 15 Pentecost X Proper 10 July 13
OT 16 Pentecost IX Proper 11 July 20
OT 17 Pentecost XI Proper 12 July 27
OT 18 Pentecost XII Proper 13 Aug. 3
OT 19 Pentecost XIII Proper 14 Aug. 10
OT 20 Pentecost XIV Proper 15 Aug. 17
OT 21 Pentecost XV Proper 16 Aug. 24
OT 22 Pentecost XVI Proper 17 Aug. 31
OT 23 Pentecost XVII Proper 18 Sept. 7
OT 24 Pentecost XVIII Proper 19 Sept. 14
OT 25 Pentecost XIX Proper 20 Sept. 21
OT 26 Pentecost XX Proper 21 Sept. 28
OT 27 Pentecost XXI Proper 22 Oct. 5
OT 28 Pentecost XXII Proper 23 Oct. 12
OT 29 Alleluia Lauda anima mea missing from GR index Proper 24 Oct. 19
OT 30 (new) Proper 25 Oct. 26
OT 31 (new) Proper 26 Nov. 2
OT 32 (new) Proper 27 Nov. 9
OT 33 Pentecost XXIII Proper 28 Nov. 16
Christ the King (Proper 29) Nov. 23