Patrocinium musices officia aliquot tertia pars (Orlando di Lasso)

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General information

Title: PATROCINIUM MUSICES. ORLANDI DE LASSO, Illustriss. Ducis Bavariae, Chori Magistri, OFFICIA ALIQUOT, de praecipuis Festis Anni, 5 vocum. ... TERTIA PARS.

Description: The third of twelve choirbooks published by the Munich printer Adam Berg, containing exclusively sacred music from Orlando di Lasso. The third book of the Patrocinium Musices series contains 5-voice pieces: Vidi aquam and 2 versions of Asperges me as well as Mass Propers for 4 main feasts: Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Corpus Christi.

First Publication date and place: 1574 Munich.

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Mass Propers. Language: Latin, 5 voices.

Facsimile: 1574 print from the Münchener DigitalisierungsZentrum

List of works

Vidi aquam. Asperges me
Officium Natalis Christi
Officium resurrectionis
Officium Pentecostes
Officium Corporis Christi

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Alleluja. Dies sanctificatus 1574 5 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Asperges me II 1574 3 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Asperges me I 1574 2 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Puer natus est nobis 1574 4 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Viderunt omnes fines terrae 1574 7 Sacred Motets 5 SSATB
Vidi aquam 1574 1 Sacred Motets 5 SATTB