Psalm 121

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 120)

Latin.png Latin text

1  Canticum graduum. Levavi oculos meos in montes, unde veniet auxilium mihi.
2  Auxilium meum a Domino, qui fecit caelum et terram.
3  Non det in commotionem pedem tuum, neque dormitet qui custodit te.
4  Ecce non dormitabit neque dormiet qui custodit Israël.
5  Dominus custodit te; Dominus protectio tua super manum dexteram tuam.
6  Per diem sol non uret te, neque luna per noctem.
7  Dominus custodit te ab omni malo; custodiat animam tuam Dominus.
8  Dominus custodiat introitum tuum et exitum tuum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills: from whence cometh my help.
2  My help cometh even from the Lord: who hath made heaven and earth.
3  He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: and he that keepeth thee will not sleep.
4  Behold, he that keepeth Israel: shall neither slumber nor sleep.
5  The Lord himself is thy keeper: the Lord is thy defence upon thy right hand;
6  So that the sun shall not burn thee by day: neither the moon by night.
7  The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: yea, it is even he that shall keep thy soul.
8  The Lord shall preserve thy going out, and thy coming in: from this time forth for evermore.

Douay-Rheims Bible

English.png English text

I have lifted up my eyes to the mountains, from whence help shall come to me.
My help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
May he not suffer thy foot to be moved: neither let him slumber that keepeth thee.
Behold he shall neither slumber nor sleep, that keepeth Israel.
The Lord is thy keeper, the Lord is thy protection upon thy right hand.
The sun shall not burn thee by day: nor the moon by night.
The Lord keepeth thee from all evil: may the Lord keep thy soul.
May the Lord keep thy coming in and thy going out; from henceforth now and for ever.

Deutsch (Luther 1912)

German.png German text

1  Ich hebe meine Augen auf zu den Bergen von welchen mir Hilfe kommt.
2  Meine Hilfe kommt von dem HERRN, der Himmel und Erde gemacht hat.
3  Er wird deinen Fuß nicht gleiten lassen; und der dich behütet schläft nicht.
4  Siehe, der Hüter Israels schläft noch schlummert nicht.
5  Der HERR behütet dich; der HERR ist dein Schatten über deiner rechten Hand,
6  dass dich des Tages die Sonne nicht steche noch der Mond des Nachts.
7  Der HERR behüte dich vor allem Übel, er behüte deine Seele;
8  der HERR behüte deinen Ausgang und Eingang von nun an bis in Ewigkeit.

Káldi fordítás

Hungarian.png Hungarian text

Ének a fölmenetekre. A hegyekre emelem szemeimet, onnét jő segítség nekem.
Az én segítségem az Úrtól van, ki a mennyet és földet teremtette.
Nem hagyja ingadozni lábadat, és nem szunnyadoz, ki tégedet őríz.
Ime nem szunnyadoz és nem aluszik, ki őrzi Izraelt.
Az Úr őriz téged, az Úr a te oltalmad jobb kezed felől.
Nappal nem éget téged a nap, sem éjjel a hold.
Az Úr megőríz téged minden gonosztól, őrizze meg az Úr lelkedet.
Őrizzen az Úr jártodban és keltedben, mostantól és mindörökké.

English metrical Old Version (William Whittingham)

English.png English text

I lift mine eyes to Sion hill,
From whence I do attend,
Till succour God me send:
The mighty God me succour will,
Who heav'n and earth did frame,
And all things therein name.

Thy foot from slip he will preserve,
And will thee safely keep;
For he doth never sleep:
Lo, he that Israel doth conserve,
Sleep never can surprise,
Nor slumber close his eyes.

The Lord thy keeper is always,
On thy right hand is he
A shade to cover thee:
The sun shall not thee parch by day
Nor moon, scarce half so bright,
With cold thee hurt by night.

The Lord will keep thee from distress,
And will thy life sure save:
Yea, thou shalt also have
In all thy business good success;
When thou goest in or out
He'll compass thee about.

Metrical paraphrase by Isaac Watts: Peculiar Meter

English.png English text

Upward I lift mine eyes,
From God is all my aid;
The God that built the skies,
And earth and nature made:
God is the tow'r
To which I fly;
His grace is nigh
In ev'ry hour.

My feet shall never slide
And fall in fatal snares,
Since God, my guard and guide,
Defends me from my fears:
Those wakeful eyes
That never sleep
Shall Israel keep
When dangers rise.

No burning heats by day,
Nor blasts of evening air
Shall take my health away,
If God be with me there:
Thou art my sun,
And thou my shade,
To guard my head
By night or noon.

Hast thou not giv'n thy word
To save my soul from death?
And I can trust my Lord
To keep my mortal breath:
I'll go and come,
Nor fear to die,
Till from on high
Thou call me home.

Metrical paraphrase by James Merrick

English.png English text

1  Lo, from the hills my help descends,
To them I lift mine eyes;
My strength on him alone depends
Who form'd the earth and skies.

2  He ever watchful, ever nigh,
Forbids thy feet to slide;
Nor sleep nor slumber seals the eye
Of Israel's guard and guide.

3  He at thy hand, array'd in might,
His shield shall o'er thee spread:
Nor sun by day, nor moon by night,
Shall hurt thy favour'd head.

4  Safe shalt thou go, and safe return,
While he thy life defends,
Whose eyes thy ev'ry step discern,
Whose mercy never ends.