Psalm 58

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 57)

Latin.png Latin text

1  In finem, ne disperdas. David in tituli inscriptione.
2  Si vere utique justitiam loquimini, recta judicate,
filii hominum.
3  Etenim in corde iniquitates operamini; in terra injustitias manus vestrae concinnant.
4  Alienati sunt peccatores a vulva;
erraverunt ab utero: locuti sunt falsa.
5  Furor illis secundum similitudinem serpentis, sicut aspidis surdae et obturantis aures suas,
6  quae non exaudiet vocem incantantium, et venefici incantantis sapienter.
7  Deus conteret dentes eorum in ore ipsorum; molas leonum confringet Dominus.
8  Ad nihilum devenient tamquam aqua decurrens;
intendit arcum suum donec infirmentur.
9  Sicut cera quae fluit auferentur; supercecidit ignis,
et non viderunt solem.
10  Priusquam intellegerent spinae vestrae rhamnum, sicut viventes sic in ira absorbet eos.
11  Laetabitur justus com viderit vindictam; manus suas lavabit in sanguine
12  Et dicet homo: Si utique est fructus justo, utique est Deus
judicans eos in terra.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

  Unto the end, destroy not, for David, for an inscription of a title.
1  Are your minds set upon righteousness, O ye congregation: and do ye judge the thing that is right,
O ye sons of men?
2  Yea, ye imagine mischief in your heart upon the earth: and your hands deal with wickedness.
3  The ungodly are froward, even from their mother's womb:
as soon as they are born, they go astray, and speak lies.
4  They are as venomous as the poison of a serpent: even like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ears;
5  Which refuseth to hear the voice of the charmer: charm he never so wisely.
6  Break their teeth, O God, in their mouths; smite the jaw-bones of the lions, O Lord:
  let them fall away like water that runneth apace;
and when they shoot their arrows let them be rooted out.
7  Let them consume away like a snail, and be like the untimely fruit of a woman:
and let them not see the sun.
8  Or ever your pots be made hot with thorns: so let indignation vex him, even as a thing that is raw.
9  The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his footsteps in the blood
of the ungodly.
10  So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous: doubtless there is a God
that judgeth the earth.

Káldi fordítás (57. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Végig, „El ne veszíts!“ Dávid emlékirása.
Ha valóban igazságot szóltok, igazat itéljetek emberek fiai.
De ti szivben gonoszságot míveltek; kezeitek igaztalanságokat szőnek a földön.
Eltértek a bűnösök az anyaméhtől fogva, eltévedtek születés óta, s hazudságokat szólanak.
Mérgök hasonló a kigyóéhoz, a siket áspiséhoz, mely bedugja füleit,
hogy ne hallja a bűvölők szavát és a bűvöléshez értő varázslóét.
Isten összetöri szájokban fogaikat; az oroszlánok zápfogait összerontja az Úr.
Elenyésznek, mint a lefolyó viz; megvonja a kézíjat, és ők elvesztik erejöket.
Mint az elolvadó viasz, szétfolynak, tűz hull rájok, és nem látják meg a napot.
Mielőtt töviseitek bokorrá lennének, haragjában mintegy elevenen elnyeli őket.
Örvendeni fog az igaz, midőn látja a boszúállást; kezeit a bűnös vérében fogja mosni.
És mondani fogja az ember: Van mégis gyümölcse az igaznak; van mégis Isten, ki őket megitéli a földön!

Metrical Paraphrase by Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady, New Version, 1698

English.png English text

1. Speak, O ye judges of the earth,
If just your sentence be.
Or, must not innocence appeal
To heaven from your decree!

2. Your wicked hearts and judgments are
Alike by malice swayed:
Your griping hands by weighty bribes
To violence betrayed.

3. To virtue strangers from the womb;
Their infant-steps went wrong:
They prattled slander, and in lies
Employed their lisping tongue.


4. No serpent of parched Afric's breed
Does ranker poison bear;
The drowsy adder will as soon
Unlock his sullen ear.

5. Unmoved by good advice, and deaf
As adders they remain;
From whom the skillful charmer's Voice
Can no attention gain.

6. Defeat, O God, their threatening rage,
And timely break their power;
Disarm these growing lions jaws,
E'er practiced to devour.


7. Let now their insolence, at height,
Like ebbing tides be spent;
Their shivered Darts deceive their aim
When they their bow have bent.

8. Like snails let them dissolve to slime;
Like hasty births become.
Unworthy to behold the sun,
And dead within the womb.

9. E'er thorns can make the fleshpots boil,
Tempestuous wrath shall come
From God, and snatch them hence, alive,
To their eternal doom.


10. The righteous shall rejoice to see
Their crimes such vengeance meet,
And saints in persecutors blood,
Shall dip their harmless feet.

11. Transgressors then with grief shall see
Just men rewards obtain;
And own a God whose justice will
the guilty earth arraign.