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Based on Wikipedia and only partly checked against the Purcell Society edition.

This sortable table of anthems by Henry Purcell is maintained by hand and not necessarily up-to-date.


Z No. PS vol. Genre* Incipit Text source Date Accompaniment Choral forces Verse soloists Comments
I will love thee, O Lord Psalm 18:1-6,16-18 BC SATB Solo Bass
1 XIV Verse Awake, put on thy strength c. 1682–85
2 XXVIII Verse Behold, I bring you glad tidings Luke 2:10-11,14 1687 4-part strings SATB ATB
3 XIIIa Verse Behold now, praise the Lord c. 1680
4 XXVIII Verse Be merciful unto me Psalm 56:1-7,10-11 before 1683 BC SATB ATB
5 XXVIII Verse Blessed are they that fear the Lord Psalm 128 1688 4-part strings SATB SSAB soli
6 XXVIII Verse Blessed be the Lord my strength Psalm 144:1-8 before 1679 BC SATB ATB
7 XXVIII Verse Blessed is he that considereth the poor Psalm 41:1-3 c. 1688 BC SATB ATB SATB alleluia in some sources only
8 XIIIa Verse Blessed is he whose unrighteousness is forgiven [[Psalm c. 1680–92
9 XIIIa Verse Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord Psalm 112:1-5,9 c. 1688 BC SATB ATB SATB in alternate versions
10 XXVIII Full Blow up the trumpet in Sion Joel 2:15-17 before 1679 organ SSSAATTTBB
11 XIIIa Verse Bow down thine ear, O Lord [[Psalm c. 1680–82
12 XXXII Verse Give sentence with me, O Lord [[Psalm before 1681 Incomplete
Z 13B
XIIIa Verse Hear me, O Lord, and that soon [[Psalm c. 1680–82) The 2 versions differ in the opening verse
14 XXVIII Verse Hear my prayer, O God, and hide not Psalm 55:1-2,4-8,16-17 before 1683 BC SATB ATB Unfinished
15 XXVIII Full Hear my prayer, O Lord and let my crying Psalm 102:1 before 1683) organ SSAATTBB Unfinished
16 XIV Verse In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust (c. 1682)
17A XIIIa Full In the midst of life before 1682 independent bc SATB See Funeral Music for Queen Mary, Z 860 (Henry Purcell)
17B XXIX There are 2 arrangements of this piece, Z 17A and Z 17B respectively
18 XIV Verse It is a good thing to give thanks c. 1682–85
19 XIV Verse I was glad when they said unto me Psalm 122:1,4-7 c. 1682–83 SSATB
20 XVII Verse I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord Psalm 138 c. 1682–85 4-part strings SATB SSATB
21 XXVIII Verse I will give thanks unto the Lord Psalm 3:1-4,6-9 c. 1680–82 2 violins & BC SATB TBB
22 XXVIII Full I will sing unto the Lord Psalm 104:33-35 before 1679 BC SSATB
23 XXVIII Verse Let God arise Psalm 68:1-3,7-8 before 1679? or 1683 BC SATB TT
24 XXIX Verse Let mine eyes run down with tears c. 1682
25 XXIX Full Lord, how long wilt Thou be angry? Psalm 79:5,8-9,14 c. 1680–82 SSATB
26 XXIX Verse Lord, who can tell how oft he offendeth? c. 1677
27 XXIX Full Man that is born of woman c. 1680–82
28 XIIIa Verse My beloved spake Song of Solomon 2:10-13,16a before 1677 bc SATB ATBB
29 XIV Verse My heart is fixed, O God c. 1682–85
30 XVII Verse My heart is indicting Psalm 45:1,9,13-15,10,16
Psalm 147:12 Isaiah 49:23
1685 4-part strings SSAATBBB SSAATB
31 XXIX Verse My song shall be always 1690
32 XXIX Verse O consider my adversity Unknown
33 XXIX Verse O give thanks unto the Lord Psalm 106:1-2,4-5,46 1693 2 treble & bc SATB Solo SATB
34 XXIX Full O God, the king of glory before 1679
35 XXIX Full O God, thou art my god Psalm 63:1-5,8 c. 1680–82 BS SATB Source of the hymntune WESTMINISTER ABBEY
36 XXIX Full O God, thou has cast us out c. 1680–82)
37 XXIX Full O Lord God of hosts Psalm 80 vv. 4-7,18 c. 1680–82 basso seguente SSAATTBB
38 XXIX Verse O Lord, grant the King a long life 1685
39 XXIX Verse O Lord, our governor [[Psalm before 1679
40 XXIX Verse O Lord, rebuke me not [[Psalm Unknown
41 XXIX Verse O Lord, Thou art my God c. 1680–82
42 XIV Verse O praise God in his holiness c. 1682–85
43 XXXII Verse O praise the Lord, all ye heathen before 1681
44 XVII Verse O sing unto the Lord Psalm 96:1-6,9-10 1688 4-part strings SATB SATB
45 XXXII Verse Out of the deep have I called Psalm 130 c. 1680) bc SAB SATB
46 XVII Verse Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem composite: Psalm 147:12, Isa. 49:23, Psalm 48:8, Psalm 21:13 1689 4-part strings SSATB SSATB There is another Z 46, a fragment of a Verse, Praise the Lord, ye servants
47 XIV Verse Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me [[Psalm c. 1682–85
48 XVII Verse Praise the Lord, O my soul, O Lord my God [[Psalm 1687 2 violins and BC SATB AB Variant versions survive in organ score
49 XIV Verse Rejoice in the Lord always Philippians 4 vv. 4-7 c. 1682–85 4-part strings SATB ATB
50 XXXII Full Remember not, Lord, our offenses c. 1680–82) (basso seguente) SSATB
51 XIIIa Full Save me, O God Psalm 54 before 1681 SSATB and SSATTB ATB and SSA 'verses'
52 XXXII Verse Sing unto God Psalm 68 vv. 32-35 1687 organ SATB Solo Bass
53 XXXII Verse The Lord is king, be the people never so impatient Unknown
54 XXXII Verse The Lord is King, the earth may be glad [thereof] 1688 organ SATB Solo Bass
55 XIV Verse The Lord is my light [[Psalm c. 1682–85
56 XXXII Verse The way of God is an undefiled way 1694
57 XXXII Verse They that go down to the sea in ships [[Psalm 1685
58A XIIIa Verse Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts before 1687 one of three settings
58B XXIX Verse Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts 1687 version of Z58A
58C XXXII Full Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts 1695 independent BC SATB Funeral Music for Queen Mary
59 XXXII Full Thy righteousness, O God, is very high [[Psalm Unknown incomplete
60 XXXII Verse Thy way, O God, is holy Psalm 77:13-18 1687 bc SATB AB
61 XXXII Verse Thy word is a lantern unto my feet Psalm 119:105-108,110-111 Unknown BC SATB ATB
62 XXXII Verse Turn thou us, O good Lord Unknown
63 XVII Verse Unto Thee will I cry Psalm 28:1-3,5-7 c. 1682–85 4-part strings SATB ATB
64 XIIIa Verse Who hath believed our report? c. 1679–80
Z 65 XVII Verse Why do the heathen so furiously rage together? Psalm 2 c. 1682–85 4-part strings SATB ATB
 *. Verse Anthem or Full Anthem