Quires and Places Where They Sing (Sydney Hugo Nicholson)

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Quires and places where they sing


Sydney Hugo Nicholson

Publication data

G. Bell & Sons, London, UK, in the series, "Bell's Musical Publications", series editor Adrian Boult

Publication date and place: 1932 by G. Bell in London.


Book, hard cover. 21 cm. xiv pages prefatory material, including table of contents; 280 p.; bibliography; subject index; illustrations, including musical facisimiles.


Chapter I : Historical Landmarks
Chapter II : Choirs of Olden Times
Chapter III : Choirs of To-day
Chapter IV : The Choirmaster and his Choir
Chapter V : The Interpretaton and Rendering of Church Music
Chapter VI : Practical Methods in Choir Training
Chapter VII : The Organist
Chapter VIII : The Place of Music in the Church Service