Rabanus Maurus

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Aliases: Hrabanus; Rhabanus; Magnentius


Born: c. 780

Died: 4 February 856


Rabanus Maurus Magnentius was a Frankish Benedictine monk, the archbishop of Mainz in Germany and a theologian. He was the author of the encyclopaedia De rerum naturis (On the Nature of Things). He also wrote treatises on education and grammar and commentaries on the Bible. He was one of the most prominent teachers and writers of the Carolingian age, and was called "Praeceptor Germaniae", or "the teacher of Germany".

One of his most famous poems is "Veni Creator Spiritus", a hymn to the Holy Spirit, often sung at Pentecost and at ordinations. Among many other composers who set it to music, Gustav Mahler used it as the first choral of his epic eighth symphony.

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