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This page is a work in progress. Please discuss changes and/or additions on the Talk page but feel free to contribute!

This page is a directory to materials, services, and other resources needed by, or of utility to, choral music directors and organizations, which may or may not be located on the CPDL site.


Music Scores

Anthem Collections

Liber Usualis online

Is it worth buying that volume you found a listing for online?

Collected works

By composer

Is there a collected works edition of Saint-Saens?

National or Ethnic collections

Critical Editions

Exactly where can I find out what that note in m3, b4 is supposed to be; It's smeared in my copy.


A bibliography of titles useful to choral organizations and conductors.

Choral Conducting

Music Notation

Choral Music history




The Internet site shows a title, but not trackings.  Maybe someone will have posted it here.


Music Notation Software

Music Library Management Software

Music Personnel Management Software

Music Training Aids

Supplies and Accessories


Choir folders




Artist Management

My choir's really good, and I think we want to tour someplace; maybe we need management.  If it's good enough for  Kings College Cambridge...



So, we have a community chorus, and we want to incorporate to achieve 503G status in the U.S.

Intellectual Property

We did a concert and inadvertantly included a copyright work, and now we are being sued.  We need help here.


Where can I purchase an item I saw above?


Music Retailers

Record Stores

Recording engineers and Consultants

Our choir is really good, and we want to record our concert.

Software purveyors

Organizations and Associations

Music Organizations

Opera Companies

Professional Choirs

Community Choirs

Commercial organizations


Description of producers of material; may include both current and defunct publishers.




Tour Organizers

So, we want to tour Lower Slobovia, and we need to know how to get there, how to get around when we do, 
and where to stay, when we aren't travelling or touring. [NB:  If you REALLY want to tour Lower Slobovia, 
 you may have a bit of a problem since it was a figment  of  Al Capp's imaginiation.]

Professional and Educational Associations

Professional Associations

Educational Associations

Music Libraries

Reference Libraries

Lending Libraries

Online resources