Rogier Pathie

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Aliases: Rogier Pathie; Roger Pathie; Rogier Patie; Rogier Patye


Born: c.1510? Cambrai?

Died: after 1564 Valladolid?

Biography In 1530 Pathie's father received payments for his son Rogier, ‘petit organiste’ to François I. Rogier left Paris in 1534 and in 1536 became organist to Queen Mary of Hungary, whose traveling court was mainly centered in Brussels. 7 or more works survive.

Other Rogiers are Philippe Rogier and Nicolas Rogier.

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List of choral works

  • O altitudo divitiarum sapientiae et scientiae Dei, 1535(5) (‘Roger’; attrib. Phinot in 1538(5)), ed. A.T. Merritt, Treize livres de motets parus chez Pierre Attaingnant, xiii (Monaco, 1963)
  • Recordare Domine, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich. 2 156#7, c. 1548 ('Rogier')
  • Sicut lilium inter spinas, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich. 2 156#7; 1567¹ (‘Rogier’)
  • Cesse mon oeil de plus la regarder, 1534(14)
intabulation, lute, 1v or solo lute, 1553³³, ed. in PSFM, iv–v (1934/R)
  • D’amour me plains et non de vous m’amye, 1539(15-16) (‘Rogier’), ed. in SCC, xxi (1991)
lute intabulation, 1556³¹
  • En vous voyant j’ai liberté perdue, 1538(14) (‘Rogier’), ed. in SCC, xxi (1991)
lute intabulation, 1556³¹


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