Rosa vernans

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Latin.png Latin text

Rosa vernans caritatis,
lilium virginitatis,
stella fulgens, Maria,
vas sanctitatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.
Gemma lucens puritatis,
lumine divinitatis,
nobis adsis, Maria,
thus suavitatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.
Cuius partus singularis,
vincula mortalitatis,
nobis scindit, Maria,
lux libertatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.

English.png English translation

Rose blossoming love,
Lily of virginity,
Bright star, Mary,
Vessel of holiness,
Pray to the Lord for us.
A shining jewel of purity,
Light of the Godhead,
Be with us, Mary,
Sweet incense,
Pray to the Lord for us.
Whose only child
severed for us
the bonds of mortality,
Mary, light of freedom,
Pray to the Lord for us.

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