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Born: 15 October 1762, Boxford, Massachusetts

Died: 7 February 1820, Concord, New Hampshire

Biography Samuel Holyoke was an American composer and teacher of vocal and instrumental music. He was a Congregationalist and a Mason, and never married. After preparatory training at Phillips Academy, Andover, Holyoke matriculated at Harvard College in 1786. The source of his musical training is unknown, but he was composing music before he graduated from Harvard in 1789; in June of that year, a newspaper announcement of his proposed book, Harmonia Americana was said to be endorsed by the Singing Club of Harvard. A prolific composer, he composed some 700 pieces, including psalm tunes and anthems and occasional pieces, some with instrumental accompaniment. In three of his largest works, many compositions are not attributed, although they are "thought to be his" (Eskew and Kroeger 1998). In his compositions, "he aligned himself with the forces of musical reform" (Britton and others 1990).

In 1793, Holyoke helped to found Groton Academy (now called Lawrence Academy) in Groton, Massachusetts, where he served as the first headmaster.

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List of choral works


1. Psalm-Tunes

2. Anthems

3. Set pieces

4. Secular Songs



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