Savior, the world's and mine

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General information

This is an hymn my Charles Wesley, 1739, Hymns and Sacred Poems Part 2, entitled Second Hymn to Christ. Meter is 66. 77. 76.

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English.png English text

1. Savior, the world’s and mine,
Was ever grief like thine!
Thou my pain, my curse hast took,
All my sins were laid on thee;
Help me, Lord; to thee I look,
Draw me, Savior, after thee.

2. Tis done! My God hath died,
My love is crucified!
Break this stony heart of mine,
Pour my eyes a ceaseless flood,
Feel, my soul, the pangs divine,
Catch, my heart, the issuing blood!


3. When, O my God, shall I
For thee submit to die?
How the mighty debt repay,
Rival of thy passion prove?
Lead me in thyself the way,
Melt my hardness into love.

4. To love is all my wish,
I only live for this:
Grant me, Lord, my heart’s desire,
There by faith for ever dwell:
This I always will require
Thee and only thee to feel.


5. Thy power I pant to prove
Rooted and fixed in love,
Strengthened by thy Spirit’s might,
Wise to fathom things divine,
What the length and breadth and height,
What the depth of love like thine.

6. Ah! Give me this to know
With all thy saints below.
Swells my soul to compass thee,
Gasps in thee to live and move,
Filled with all the deity,
All immersed and lost in love!

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