Sperent in te omnes

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General information

Offertory for Pentecost III Source of text is Psalm 9 vv. 11, 12a & 13b. The penultimate word, "orationes" in Lasso, Palestrina & Witt, is given as "orationem" in the current Solesmes & Vatican editions.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

11  Sperent in te omnes qui noverunt nomen tuum, Domine,
quoniam non derelinquis quaerentes te.
12a  Psallite Domino qui habitat in Sion,
13b  quoniam non est oblitus orationes pauperum.

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

11  Bízzanak benned mind, kik ismerik a te nevedet, Uram,
mert nem hagyod el, akik keresnek téged!
12a  Zengjetek az Úrnak, ki Sionban lakik,
13b  mert nem feledte el a szegények imáit.

English.png English translation

11  Let them trust in thee all who know thy name:
for thou dost not forsake them that seek thee, O Lord.
12a  Sing ye to the Lord, who dwelleth in Sion:
13b  for he hath not forgotten the prayers of the poor.

English.png English translation

Another version,tr. by William M. Worden
11  All those trust in you who honor your name, Lord,
for you forsake not those who seek you.
12a  Sing praise to the Lord who dwells in Zion,
13b  for he has not forgotten the cry of the humble.

English.png English translation

Let them trust in thee who know thy name, O Lord,
for thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee.
Sing to the Lord, who dwells in Sion,
for he has not forgotten the prayers of the poor.
Translation by St Ann choir

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