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Born: 31 January 1841

Died: 25 August 1913


Michael Maybrick was an English composer and singer, who performed and composed almost exclusively under the name Stephen Adams. He is perhaps best known as the composer of "The Holy City", one of the most popular religious songs in English.

By the early 1870s Maybrick was singing his own songs, beginning with 'A Warrior Bold’. Published under the pseudonym Stephen Adams and mostly with lyrics by Fred Weatherly, his songs achieved extraordinary popularity. His early sea song ‘Nancy Lee’ sold more than 100,000 copies in two years. Maybrick penned other sea songs including ‘The Tar's Farewell’, ‘They All Love Jack’, and ‘The Midshipmite’, sentimental songs such as ‘Your Dear Brown Eyes’, romanctic numbers like ‘The Children of the City’, and sacred songs like ‘The Blue Alsatian Mountains’, ‘The Star of Bethlehem’, and the well-loved ‘Holy City’. In 1884 he toured the United States performing his own songs.

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