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'Свете тихий' ('Gentle light') is the evening hymn that is sung in the Great Vespers of the Russian Orthodox Liturgy. The text is a translation of the greek hymn Phos Hilaron.Link to the English Wikipedia article

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Text and translations

Church_Slavonic.png Church Slavonic text

СвѢте тихій, Святыя слава,
Безсмертнаго Отца небеснаго,
Святаго, блаженнаго, Iисусе Хрісте:
пришедше на запад солнца,
видѣвше свѣт вечерній, поем Отца,
Сына, и Свято Духа, Бога.
Достоин еси во вся врмена
пѣт быти гласы преподобными,
Сыне Божій, животдаяй,
тѣмже мір тя славит.

Church_Slavonic.png Church Slavonic text

Свете тихий, святыя славы,
безсмертнаго Отца небеснаго,
святаго блаженнаго Иисусе Христе:
пришедше на запад солнца,
видевше свет вечерний поем Отца,
Сына, и Святаго Духа Бога .
Достоин еси во вся времена
петь быти гласы преподобными
Сыне Божий живот даяй,
тем же мир Тя славит.

English.png English translation

O joyful light of the holy glory
of the immortal Father,
the heavenly, holy, blessed Jesus Christ.
Now that we have reached the setting
of the sun and behold the evening light,
we sing to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
It is fitting at all times to praise you
with cheerful voices,
O Son of God, the Giver of life.
Behold, the world sings your glory.

Translation by Kjetil Aaman
English.png English translation

Gentle light, holy glory,
of the immortal heavenly Father,
of blessed holy Jesus Christ:
behold the evening light
singing of the Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit.
It is proper at all times
to sing songs to you alone.
Son of God, giver of life,
see, the world gives You glory.

Translation by Barry Johnston

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