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It's good to have the 3 Janáček editions on one page (thanks Claude!) but I'm less sure about merging the SA 'originals'. Having the page-name start with "6…" makes it easy for users searching for Janáček's arr. and maybe a bit confusing to others more interested in the 2-voice versions. Even though the 2004 Bärenreiter Ed. uses the same title, i.e. "šect moravských dvojzpěvů" (sorry, can't remember how to make uppercase š on Mac), Janáček apparently didn't use as startling a title for his SATB version as 'Moravian Duets' himself: according to Simeone they appeared on the 1877 program as "4 songs with piano" or čtvero písní s prúvodem klavíru. It will take a bit more work to see what other candidates there might be for alternate titles. Richard Mix (talk) 07:08, 28 February 2016 (UTC)