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The following linked works are at IMSLP; can anyone compare this list with CPDL's Messe breve (Charles Gounod) and Messe Brève No. 7 (Charles Gounod)? Another list appears here, yet another here; Grove lists 4 requiems (unpublished, for double chorus 1873, inauthentic and unfinished, respectively), 4 early unpublished masses, and some additional works:

Messe brève et salut,., op.1 (1846) (c–E, TTBB, unacc)

Mass 1 in A flat (incomplete) 3vv et org 1844

Mass 2 in G TTBB org concludes with Domine salvum fac 18?? (possibly the work published in 1862 as 2ème messe pour les sociétés chorales (TTBB); in 1882 as Messe no.3 aux communautés réligieuses (3 equal); and in 1893 as Messe no.6 aux cathédrales (SATB, soloists & org.))

Troisieme Messe Solennelle (Easter) SATB (divisi in all parts) & orch 1883

Messe solennelle de Sainte-Cécile 1855 STB soli

Messe brève in C no. 5 (incomplete) TBB ou à 3 voix égales avec orgue 1892?

Missa angeli custodes, C, soli S, A, T, B, SATB, org (London, 1873)

Messe dite de Clovis choeurs (SATB; solo semichorus) et orgues 1895 Prelude “Eunte docete omnes gentes” with 2 organs , 4 trumpets, 4 trombones

Messe du Sacré Coeur de Jésus in C, "revised by J H Cornell" 1883

Messe à la mémoire de Jeanne d'Arc précédée d'un prélude avec fanfare sur l'entrée dans la cathédrale de Rheims, F, S, A, T, B, SATB, org (1887) [Prélude, SATB, 8 tpt, 3 trbn, org]

Messe solennelle no.4 sur l'intonation de la liturgie catholique, g–G, SATB [few TB divisi], org, for beatification of J.B. de La Salle (1888, preceded by a Te Deum[?])

Messe à 2 voix égales, C, SA, org/hmn (w/ O salutaris 1877; c1890 as Messe brève no.7 aux chapelles, solo vv, SATB, org/pf)

Messe de St Jean, d'après le chant grégorien, C, SATB, org (1895)

Richard Mix 00:04, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

Sorry to be late on that. Messe breve (Charles Gounod) is indeed mass No.5 in C for TBB. I rename our page title to be more precise. Kyrie only is shown at IMSLP but the score linked from our page has all five movements. Messe Brève No. 7 (Charles Gounod) is named at IMSLP Messe à deux voix égales. Claude (talk) 09:58, 11 March 2014 (UTC)