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Dear mr. Looyestijn,

As we are going to use your edition of Cavalli's Confitebor for a concert of the Amsterdam-based Lelikoor, and its conductor JanJoost van Elburg asked me to check a number of instances in your score, I made a full check against the original edition dating from 1656, and discovered quite a few discrepancies. Mainly in the lyrics, but also in the notes. As we quickly needed a corrected edition, I have made a new score departing from your mxl file. I might publish it on this page; but I think it's only fair to first send my findings to you, giving you the opportunity to publish an update, should you desire to do so. If you would care to send your e-mail address to me at hehe-editions, I will send you my list and my updated score for you to review.

Best wishes,
Walter Heeroma Heeroma (talk) 20:52, 29 April 2022 (UTC)