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Edition #24150 by Lewis Jones has the following discrepancies with the source:

  • m. 38, quintus - first note should be A
  • m. 38, bassus - rhythm should be dotted half, quarter, whole with the pitches printed
  • m. 73-75, nona - this part is dramatically different
  • m. 80-82, nona - this part is dramatically different
  • pickup to m. 81, cantus - from this point each phrase is bracketed in error or should have brackets if none are printed
  • m. 83, septima and quintus - missing starting brackets

It should be noted that the in measure 75 of the Decima part, the source has F, but had D at previous iteration (m. 67) because of the F# in the Tenor. This correction is not noted in this edition. Jon Arnold (talk) 01:44, 15 May 2020 (UTC)