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Bars 11-12: Tenor 2 - pitty for pity.
Bar 16: Soprano 1 - ritlis for rillis.
Bar 16: Sopranos 1 & 2 - bent for bend.
Bar 17: Alto 1 - milis for rillis.
Bar 37: Tenor 1 - 3rd note should be F, not E.
Bar 40: Bass 2 - missing apostrophe.

There is also a difference in the underlay between this edition and the Novello edition in Bar 36-38: Alto 1. Novello has fire__ that, as opposed to self-same fire,.

Agreed except Bar 37 Tenor 1. Sop 2 and piano both have E, and the original score form IMSLP confirms this. Score updated IanHaslam (talk) 22:28, 31 October 2020 (UTC)

I think I just misread my own score, since I've got an E, not an F! However, I also noticed that I've mislabelled TI as TII, so I've uploaded corrected files.Jamesgibb (talk) 11:15, 1 November 2020 (UTC)