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Signor Molinari, Thanks very much for submitting your own compositions to the CPDL site, and apologies for writing in English, on the assumption that your English is better than my Italian!

A couple of points.

1. If you make a mistake in the title when submitting a work - suub for sub for example, there is no need to resubmit it. Instead, open the page, click on the down arrow next to View History and select Move. You can then enter the correct title.

2. If it is a well known set of words that is set, check whether a text page already exists. (Click on Texts and translations in the menu on the left, and follow the instructions). If it does, change NoText (inside curly brackets towards the foot of the page) to LinkText|enter text page title here. Depending on how the text page is set up, a link to work may be automatically added, or you may have to edit the page to add it manually. The advantage for you is that people looking for a setting of those words, but who don't know you, will find your setting more easily.

If this all sounds too complicated, any of the editors will be very willing to help. Jamesgibb (talk) 09:48, 15 September 2013 (UTC)