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Some discussion

I've corrected the original title in German with the buggy encoding, as the cleanup tag requested, but I'm still keeping it since I found there is a score on CPDL with the original German text, and I feel both should be merged, and point to the two different scores, shouldn't they?

Arthur 2007-02-20, 17:29 CET (16:29 UTC)

I just removed the cleanup notice thinking that all was well without reading your message, Arthur. Apologies for that. It seems to be general practice that translations of one work should appear on the same page. Having said that, the popular motet by Johannes Eccard, Maria wallt zum Heiligtum also appears in translation (When to the Temple Mary Went) and yet these are two separate pages. This may be because it was deemed that the English version has gained so much popularity that it deserved a page in its own right or that the pages were just never amalgamated. I'll leave someone with more knowledge of gerneral practice on the site to give you a proper reply. -- Bobnotts 15:02, 20 February 2007 (PST)
I could have edited the cleanup tag, but then my note wouldn't have made sense.
I feel it's important to connect different editions of one work together, and this can be made on the Composer page too but the most logical way (and easiest to maintain, I guess) is to have only one Work page with all the different editions; this is one of the points I started to discuss on Category_talk:Composers about Brahms' page. -- Arthur 2007-02-21, 06:25 CET (05:25 UTC)
[Replying to myself] OK, apparently the general agreement is to have only one Work page for all the different versions and translations, and to link there from the Composer page; see Noel's and Chuck's suggestions in the related discussion on the forum 6 months ago (which you should know, since you took part in it ;-) -- Arthur 2007-02-21 06:54 CET (05:54 UTC)

Merge requested

This page should be deleted and its content merged into the page with the original version, see discussion above. -- Arthur 2007-02-21 07:02 CET (06:02 UTC)

Done. I have retained the link on the Bach page but changed it to point to O Jesulein süß (Johann Sebastian Bach) where the score info now resides. I have marked the original English translation page for deletion. Hopefully, you'll be able to get to grips with doing this in the future, Arthur! (note that I haven't moved the page itself but I have just moved the necessary info [score info, English translation] but otherwise, everything on O Jesulein süß (Johann Sebastian Bach) is the same as was on O Little One Sweet (Johann Sebastian Bach). -- Bobnotts 04:45, 21 February 2007 (PST)

Also, you can check that there won't be any broken links to the page that you have marked for deletion by using this tool: Little One Sweet (Johann Sebastian Bach) and replacing "O Little One Sweet (Johann Sebastian Bach)" with whatever page it is. You will see (hopefully!) that the only page now linked to O Little One Sweet (Johann Sebastian Bach) is this talk page. -- Bobnotts 04:51, 21 February 2007 (PST)

Many thanks for your patience, Bob; I think I will be able to do all this by myself from now on. As you can see, I've already done the same for Summer Song (Antonin Dvorak) for which you had requested cleanup: see the previous state of affairs as of 2006-12-04, as well as the talk page, to find out what I actually did. Actually the reason why I moved the page wasn't exactly the same as the one for which you originally requested cleanup.
Incidentally, it occurred to me, in the mean time, that we could as well simply put a redirect to the appropriate content page, since 1/ This is much more straightforward than waiting for an admin to delete (and it saves their time), and 2/ It's useful for people who have bookmarked the page. What do you think? -- Arthur 2007-01-22 00:59 CET (2007-01-21 23:59 UTC).

I tried to make it into a redirect but it seems that when there's other code on a page (ie. {{Delete}}), it won't function as a redirect. Never mind!

As for the patience, your request wasn't a test of it! It took me a lot longer to learn "the ropes" than the time you seem to have taken to get used to things here. I apologise if I may have sounded a little patronising in my first comment. Well done for sorting out the Dvorak score - I've created the Czech text category for this page. Drop a note on my talk page if you have any other problems or queries. -- Bobnotts 10:13, 22 February 2007 (PST)