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There are problems with the edition of this piece published in Allan W. Atlas, Anthology of Renaissance Music (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998), 66-170. In particular, the top line at p. 169 is repeated at the bottom. I have made a few edits to the original text posted in CPDL based on pictures of an original source, Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, MS II.I.232 (olim Magl. IXI, 58), fols. 79v-81r. I have also added an English translation based on Atlas's but with corrections. [GiovZano]

Thank you! Are the pictures online, and could you please send me a link?
I have a problem with the text in the third part. You corrected my version "et vox dulcius insonat" into "et vox blandius insonat". This is of course what I found in my source. But apart from it poetically being a bit poor "et Phebi lira blandius insonat et vox blandius insonat" I found on the net several editions of the text (e.g. - scroll down a bit) where the text reads "et vox dulcius insonat" which seems better to me; so I dare to say it may be a typo/mistake in the source of the composition. Greetings, Ulrich
Lurchi (talk) 15:17, 20 February 2016 (UTC)