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This template is intended for use within the {{EdNotes}} template. It should not be used elsewhere.

Syntax {{EdChange|<Integer>|<Code>|<Value>}}, with three parameters, all required:

1. An integer number corresponding to the position of this call in the text output: 1 appears first in the text output, etc.
2. One of eight codes for conditions that change in this edition: arr, dis, inst, lan, lyr, text, vo, or voic.
3. The value for the code in parameter 2.

This template is called by {{EdChange}} – Please see that template for details. This template will work by itself, but {{EdChange}} can change several categories at the same time.


  • 1. {{EdCha|1|arr|George Jones}} → Arranged by George Jones
  • 2. {{EdCha|3|voic|STTBB}} → , for STTBB
  • 3. {{EdCha|6|lan|German}} → , in German.  (if item 6 is the last in the list)
– The items in blue color have been placed in an category.