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This template is designed for use on a Work page, to show the subdivisions of the work. If this work page is a Larger work, then the names will be linked.


{{ListSections|<All>|<Composer Name>|<Descriptor>|Link|a1|t1|c1|a2|w2|c2|…|a20|t20|c20}}

Parameters (n is the number of parts (up to 20). "Null" means undefined, i. e. || in wikicode.)

  1. All – One word: All, if all the works are by the same composer. If there are several composers, then leave null.
  2. Composer name – Show when parameter 1 is all. Leave null when parameter 1 is not All.
  3. Descriptor – What are they called? One (plural) word, Sections or Parts or Movements or Works or Parti or your choice. Defaults to Works.
  4. Link – Put "No" in this parameter if you wish titles to be unlinked; any other text if you wish links. Defaults to "no" (no links). If a link is desired for only some titles, put "no" in this parameter and put square brackets around the title for that line.
  5. a1 – Number (or code) for the first work. Leave null if the next parameter is a subheading.
  6. t1 – Name of the first work, exactly as it appears at top of the work page, with the composer's name in parenthesis; if parameter 1 is "all", then just the work name without the composer's name. If parameter 4 is "no" (or undefined), put square brackets around the titles you wish to be linked. Please do not use curly-brackets ( { } ); square brackets ( [ ] ) are permissible, within which a pipe symbol ( | ) may occur.
  7. c1 – Comment for the first work. Leave null if the previous parameter is a subheading.
  8. a2 }
  9. t2 }– Same three, for the second work (see instructions below).
  10. c3 }
… …
3n+2. an – Number (or code) for work n.
3n+3. tn – Name of work n.
3n+4. cn – Comment for work n.
… …


  • If you desire a line in the list to be a subheading line, then put that subheading in the "t" parameter and leave the other two parameters (a and c) blank.
  • Please do not use italics ( ''<title>'' ) for a title.
  • Please do not use curly-brackets ( { } ) in any parameter; square brackets ( [ ] ) are permissible only in "t" (title) parameters. If you need to indicate a link in a work parameter (6, 9, 12, etc.), you can use a pipe symbol ( | ) within square brackets, but not outside.


No. Code Output
1 {{ListSections|All|Robert Schumann|Lieder|Link
|1|Der träumende See|
|2|Die Minnesänger|
|3|Die Lotosblume, Op. 33 No. 3|
|4|Der Zecher als Doctrinair|
|5|Rastlose Liebe|

Lieder in this work

1Der träumende See
2Die Minnesänger
3Die Lotosblume, Op. 33 No. 3
4Der Zecher als Doctrinair
5Rastlose Liebe
2 {{ListSections|No||Parts|No
|1|Begeht mit heiligem Lobgesang|
|2|[[Vaterland, in deinen Gauen (Felix Mendelssohn)|Vaterland, in deinen Gauen]]|
|3|Der Herr, der Sprach|
|4|Heil ihm! Heil uns!|}}

Parts in this work

1. Begeht mit heiligem Lobgesang
2Vaterland, in deinen Gauen
3. Der Herr, der Sprach
4. Heil ihm! Heil uns!
3 {{ListSections|No||Parts|No
|1|Ab ortu solis|Prima pars
|2|Venite comedite|Secunda pars}}

Parts in this work

1. Ab ortu solis – Prima pars
2. Venite comedite – Secunda pars