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This template is designed to put a composer's opus (or other index) number (code) on a work page. Composers that use this template:

Code Composer Index Comments
(none) Several composers Composers that use "Opus <number>".
KV Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Köchel, Ludwig van Ritter (1964). Chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis sämtlicher Tonwerke Wolfgang Amadé Mozarts; nebst Angabe der verlorengegangenen, angefangenen, von fremder Hand bearbeiteten, zweifelhaften und unterschobenen Kompositionen (6. Auflage, bearbeitung von Franz Giegling, Alexander Weinmann, Gerd Sievers ed.). Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel.
BWV Joann Sebastian Bach Schmieder, Wolfgang, ed. 1950. Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (in German) First Edition. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel. Second edition (in German) 1990. Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel.
CPM José Maurício Nunes Garcia De Mattos, Cleofe Person. 1970. Catálogo Temático das obras do padre José Maurício Nunes Garcia. Rio de Janeiro: Conselho Federal de Cultura. Updated index at www.josemauricio.com.br
DS Franz Schubert Deutsch, Otto Erich, and Donald R. Wakeling. 1995. The Schubert Thematic Catalogue. New York: Dover Publications, 565 pp. Also see IMSLP list


{{Opus|<code>|<index num>|mvt=|mname=|other=|work=|part=|display=|comment=}}

There are two required parameters, and six optional ones:

  1. Code (required) – Code for the index system, from the table above. Must be the first parameter. If blank, then Opus no. is displayed, followed by the number.
  2. Index number (required) – Number (or alphanumeric designation) for the work in this index system. Always the second parameter. It is necessary to pad the numbers up to the number of digits used in the system. For example, for "51b", enter 051b, so that it sorts correctly in automated lists – the zeroes will be stripped off for display in the work page. Programming characters (such as # $ & |) should not be used.
  3. mvt= (optional) – Number of sections or movements, an integer.
  4. mname= (optional) – Name designation parts, such as Movement or Section; defaults to Movement.
  5. other= (optional) – Alternate index code and number.
  6. work= (optional) – Name for the larger work containing this work.
  7. part= (optional) – Part number within the larger work.
  8. partname= (optional) – Part title.
  9. display= (optional) - One of two words: short displays just the index number and part number (if it exists). part displays just the part name and number.
  10. comment= (optional) – Text comments on this index or number.

Notes and Hints:

  • Ending punctuation marks can be outside the brackets or at the end of comment= field.


{{Opus|KV|274|other=K<sup>6</sup>. 271d}}  ->  Opus: K. 274 (K6. 271d)
{{Opus|CPM|218|work=Office of Palm Sunday|part=4}}  ->  Opus: CPM 218 – Office of Palm Sunday , mvt. 4
{{Opus|CPM|173|partname=Surge Petre|part=5|display=short}}.  ->  173-5
{{Opus|CPM|173|partname=Surge Petre|part=5}}  ->  Opus: CPM 173 , mvt. 5, Surge Petre
{{Opus||B.75e|comment=Tentative number.}}  ->  Opus:  B.75e – Tentative number.
{{Opus|CPM|51b|mvt=5|comment= 1. Kyrie Eleison, 2. Sancta Maria, 3. Refugium Peccatorum, 4. Regina Angelorum, 5. Agnus Dei}}
->  Opus: CPM 51b, 5 movements – 1. Kyrie Eleison, 2. Sancta Maria, 3. Refugium Peccatorum, 4. Regina Angelorum, 5. Agnus Dei

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