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  • Incorporate Editions within volumes or parts
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Option 2
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THIS TEMPLATE is to be used on a music publication page, where more than one Edition, Volume, or Part exist. It has up to 102 parameters, for up to 50 volumes, editions, or parts.

Parameters 1. Number of Volumes (books, parts, etc.)
2. Number of Editions 3. Name of different volumes, capitalized, singular and in the appropriate language. Defaults to Volume. Such as:

  • Book
  • Heft
  • Part
  • Parte
  • Teil
  • Volume
  • Volumen

4. Four-digit year of publication of volume (part, edition, etc.) 1.
5. Text comments, such as number of pages, publisher on volume 1.

6. Four-digit year of second volume
7. Text comments on second volume

8. Four-digit year of third volume
9. Text comments on third volume

... and so on, up to 103 parameters. |valign="baseline" width=50%| Example 1
{{Volumes|4|Edition|1830|178 pp., published in London.|1835|232 pp.|1837|234 pp.|1840|259 pp.}}

would yield


Edition 1, 1830 – 178 pp., published in London.
Edition 2, 1835 – 232 pp.
Edition 3, 1837 – 234 pp.
Edition 4, 1840 – 259 pp.

Example 2

would yield


Volume 1, 1604 – Madrigals
Volume 2, 1609 – Motets


This template is designed for use with Template {{MultiPubList}}; when the two are used together, and with "vol=" in the {{Pub}} template on all work pages, several tables are produced, one for each volume. For examples, see Musica Transalpina or Heinrich Schütz: Sämtliche Werke.

This template produces several DPL variables (dplvar) that are used in {{MultiPubList}} later in the page: y1, y2, …, y50 (four-digit years, up to 50 of them); vn (the number of volumes); and vname (the name of books, "Volume" or "Edition", etc.)