Thomas Crecquillon

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Aliases: Thomas Grequillon; Thomas Créquillon; Thomas Criquillon; Thomas Croquillon; Thomas Cricquillon; Thomas Carchillon; Thomas Krequilon; Thomas Crequillonis


Born: c. 1505 - 1515?

Died: early 1557 (?)

Biography Crecquillon's name appears in no document before 1540, but his birth date is suggested by Paix' Thesaurus motettarum with "Componisten, in der Ordnung wiesie nach einander gelebt", which lists him following Clemens non Papa and Christian Hollander. Unusually for a composer of the Franco-Flemish school, he spent most of his career in his home region, but he is presumed to have accompanied Charles V's Imperial Chapel to Spain as well as Germany (where his presence can be documented). He seems to have retired between 1550 and 1555. His death is not mentioned until 1566, but a successor to his benefice at Béthune was appointed in March 1557, following a plague.

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