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Born: c. 1557

Died: 1602


The entry in Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (William Boyce) reads:

Thomas Morley was admitted Batchelor in Music at Oxford, 1588, and became Gentleman of the Royal Chapels to Queen Elizabeth, in 1592. He publish'd a learned Treatise in 1597, entitled A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Musicke, which he dedicated to William Bird, who had been his Master. He died in 1602.

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List of choral works

Sacred music

Burial service

Other sacred music

Secular music

Canzonets to Three Voices - 1593

  1. See, mine own sweet jewel
  2. Joy, joy doth so arise
  3. Cruel, you pull away too soon
  4. Lady, those eyes
  5. Hold out my heart
  6. Good morrow, fair ladies of the May
  7. Whither away so fast
  8. Blow, Shepherds, blow
  9. Deep lamenting
  10. Farewell disdainful
  11. O fly not, O take some pity
  12. Thirsis, let pity move thee
  13. Now must I die recureless
14. Lady, if I through grief
15. Cease mine eyes
16. Do you not know?
17. Where art thou wanton?
18. What ails my darling
19. Say dear, will you not have me?
20. Arise, get up my dear

The following pieces were included in a 2nd edition, published in 1606.

21. Love learns by laughing
22. This Love is but a wanton fit
23. Though Philomela lost her love
24. Spring-time mantleth every bough

Madrigals to Four Voices - 1594

  1. April is in my mistress' face
  2. Clorinda false
  3. Why sit I here, alas, complaining
  4. Since my tears and lamenting
  5. Help I fall
  6. Lady, why grieve you still me
  7. In dew of roses
  8. In ev'ry place
  9. Now is the gentle season
  10. The fields abroad   (part 2 of number 9)
  11. Come, lovers, follow me
12. O no, thou dost but flout me
13. I will no more come to thee
14. Besides a fountain
15. Sport we my lovely treasure
16. O sweet, alas, what say you? (part 2 of number 15)
17. Hark, jolly shepherds
18. Ho! who comes here?
19. Die now, my heart
20. Say gentle nymphs that tread
21. Round around about a wood
22. On a fair morning

Canzonets to Two Voices - 1595

  1. Go ye, my canzonets
  2. When lo, by break of morning
  3. Sweet nymph, come to thy lover
  4. I go before, my darling
  5. Miraculous love's wounding
  6. Lo, here another love
7. Leave now, mine eyes
8. Fire and lightning from heaven
9. In nets of golden wires
10. O thou that art so cruel
11. I should for grief and anguish
12. Flora, wilt thou torment me?

First Book of Ballets - 1595

  1. Dainty fine sweet nymph
  2. Shoot, false Love, I care not
  3. Now is the month of maying
  4. Sing we and chant it
  5. Singing alone
  6. No, no, no, no, Nigella
  7. My bonny lass she smileth
  8. I saw my lovely Phillis
  9. What saith my dainty darling?
  10. Thus saith my Galatea
  11. About the maypole
  12. My lovely wanton jewel
13. You that wont to my pipe's sound
14. Fyer, fyer
15. Those dainty daffadillies
16. Lady, those cherries plenty
17. I love, alas, I love thee
18. Lo, she flies
19. Leave, alas, this tormenting
20. Why weeps, alas, my lady?

Included in the 2nd edition published in 1600, the following piece is to seven voices

21.  Phillis, I fain would die now

Primo Libro dei Balletti - 1595

(Italian version of "First Book of Ballets")

  1. Vezzosette Ninfe
  2. Viver lieto voglio
  3. So ben mi c'ha bon tempo
  4. A lieta vita
  5. Amore l'altro giorno
  6. Possa morir chi t'ama
  7. Questa dolce sirena
  8. Madonna mia gentile
  9. Piacer gioia e diletto
  10. Al piacer alla gioia
  11. Al suon d'una sampogna
12. La bella Ninfa mia
13. Ninfe belle e voi Pastor
14. A la strada, a Dio!
15. Le rose fronde e fiori
16. Al primo vostro sguardo
17. Inamorato sono
18. Fugirò
19. Non mi date tormento
20. Non dubitar
21. Filli. Dialogo a 7

Canzonets or Little Short Songs to Foure Voyces: celected out of the best and approved Italian Authors - 1597

E.H. Fellowes included these (un-numbered) in his edition of Madrigals to Four voices.

Canzonets or Litle Short Aers to Five and Six Voices - 1597

  1. Fly love that art so sprightly
  2. False love did me inveigle
  3. Adieu, adieu you kind and cruel
  4. Love's folk in green arraying
  5. Love took his bow and arrow
  6. Lo where with flowery head
  7. O grief, e'en on the bud
  8. Sovereign of my delight
  9. Our Bonny-boots could toot it
  10. Ay me, the fatal arrow
  11. My nymph, the dear
12. Cruel, wilt thou persever
13. Said I that Amarillis
14. Damon and Phillis
15. Lady you think you spite me
16. You black bright stars
17. I follow, lo, the footing
18. Stay heart, run not so fast
19. Good Love, then fly thou to her
20. Ladies, you see time flieth
21. Hark, alleluia

A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicalle Musicke - 1597

Included as an example, this piece was included by E. H. Fellowes in his re-publication of Canzonets to Three Voices.

Shown as a wordless “air” in Morley’s book. Thurston Dart set these words to it from a piece by Thomas Bateson published in his First Set of Madrigals (1604).

First Book of Ayres - 1600

  1. A painted tale
  2. Thirsis and Milla
  3. She straight her light green silken coats
  4. With my love my life was nestled
  5. I saw my lady weeping
  6. It was a lover and his lass
  7. Who is it that this dark night
  8. Mistress mine, well may you fare
  9. Can I forget what Reason's force
10. Love winged my hopes
11. What if my mistress now
12. Come, Sorrow come
13. Fair in a morn
14. Absence, hear thou my protestation
15. White as lilies was her face
16. What lack ye, sir [lost to history]
17. Will you buy a fine dog?
18. Sleep, slumb'ring eyes

The Triumphs of Oriana - 1601

Other secular music

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