Twelve Psalm Tunes and Eight Anthems (Stephen Jarvis)

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General information

Stephen Jarvis' one known published collection of music is a book of psalmody titled Twelve Psalm Tunes, AND EIGHT ANTHEMS. in Score, Figured for the Organ or Piano Forte.

According to the title page, the book was 'Dedicated by Permission to the REVD ROOPE ILBERT A.M. of Bowringsleigh near KingsbridgeLink to the English Wikipedia article Devon, Rector of Stockleigh PomroyLink to the English Wikipedia article & Cheriton BishopLink to the English Wikipedia article in the same County.'

Publication date and place: 1818 by Goulding, D'Almaine, and Potter in London.

The collection was published by subscription (the list of subscribers is given below), by Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter & Co of 20, Soho Square.



Acland, Lady, Killerton [this entry is an MS addition]
Adams, Mr. Thomas, Plymouth
Adams, Mr. Peter, ditto
Andrews, Mr. C. Singing-master, ditto
Arthur, Richard, esq. ditto
Arthur, John, esq. ditto, 2 Copies

Ball, Mr. Thomas, Salcombe
Ball, Mrs. Brixham
Bartlett, Mr. Henry, Totness
Bickford, Mr. Stephen, Churchstow
Birdwood. Rev. C. Plymouth
Bishop, Mr. John, Netherton Tarway
Blackaller, Mr. Elias, jun. Stokeinteignhead
Brooking, Mr. Samuel, Holbeton
Brooking, Mr. Samuel, R.N. Newton Ferrers
Burrows, Miss Anne, Thurlestone

Chadder, Mr. J, Portlemore
Chapple, Mr. S. Organist, Ashburton, 2 Copies
Chilcote, Rev. J. Dean Prior
Chuston, the Choir of 4 Copies
Cole, Mr. Edward, Salcombe
Cole, Mr. William, Chivelstone
Collier, John, esq. Plymouth
Commins, Mr. J. Printer, &c. ditto
Coombe, Mr. Andrew, Singing-master, ditto
Coombe, Mr. W. S. Organist, Chelmsford
Coryndon, George, esq. Plymouth
Creber, Mr. William, Walkhampton
Creber, Mr. William, Bickleigh
Crees, William, esq. Plymouth
Crimp, Mr. William, South Molton
Crimp, Mr. Nicholas, Churchstow
Crockwell, Mr. Henry, jun. Coffenswell
Cross, Mrs. F. Exeter
Curtis, Mr. Stationer, &c. Plymouth

Dare, Mr. William, Chillington
Dashper, Mr. Dartmouth
De Courcy, the Hon. Mrs. Salcombe
De Lisle, Mrs. Salcombe
Duder, Mr. Blackawton

Edgel, Rev. E. Vicarage House, Westalvington
Elliott, J. esq. Barley House, Plymouth
Elliott, Mr. William, Kingsbridge
Elliott, Mr. Nicholas, Eastallington
Evans, Mr. W. Brixham

Foster, Rev. William, South Poole
Foster, Mr. John, Dock
Fownes, Miss Maria, Hoe Garden, Plymouth
Gay, Mr. Thornhill, Uplyme, Dorset
Gendle, Mr. Thomas, Plymouth
Gilbert, Mrs. Holwell
Giles, Mr. John Edmond, Walkhampton
Goodyear, Mr. John, Ford
Gregg, William, esq. Plymouth
Gwyer, Mr. Bristol, 2 Copies

Hannaford, Mr. William, jun. Thurlestone
Hannaford, Mr. Street
Hannaford, Mr. John, Well, Stoke Gabriel
Harris, Mr. William, Plymouth
Haviland & Creagh, Messrs. Printers, &c. do.
Hawkins, Miss, Alston
Hawkins, Capt. J. Quay House, Kingsbridge
Hocking, Mrs. Dartmouth
Hodge, Mr. J. Totness
Hodge, Mr. Henry, Churchstow
Holdsworth, Mrs. Dartmouth
Holdsworth, Rev. Charles, ditto
Holdsworth, Henry, esq. ditto
Huxham, Mr. John, Harberton

Ilbert, Rev. Roope, Bowringsleigh House, 2 Copies
Ilbert, Peter, esq. Horswell House, 2 Copies

Jarvis, Mr. Thomas, Marlborough, 4 Copies
Jarvis, Mr. William, Dartmouth, 2 Copies
Jarvis, Mr. John, Kerss
Jarvis, Mr. Richard, Plymouth
Jarvis, Mr. Joseph, Marlborough
Jarvis, Mr. John, South Milton

Lakeman, Mr. John, Brixham
Lakeman, Mr. James, jun. Snapes
Lamble, Mr. John, Blackawton
Lampen, Rev. Robert, Plymouth
Lancaster, Mr. William, Organist, Dock


Landon, Mr. Richard, Torquay
Langmead, William, esq. Elfordleigh
Lidstone, Miss Elizabeth, Galmpton
Lidstone, Mr. William, South Huish
Lidstone, Mr. William, South Milton
Lindon, Mr. Richard, Burley
Luscombe, John L. esq. Plymouth

Maddick, Miss, Organist, Dartmouth
Marlborough, the Choir of
Marldon, the Choir of
Marshall, ['Mr.' changed in MS to 'Rd']. M. D. Totness
Marshall, Rev. William, ditto.
Marshal, Mr. Brixham
Miller, Thomas, esq. Plymouth
Millman, Mr. Hen. Singing-master, Holbeton
Mitchelmore, Mr. Josiah, Killington
Moore, Mr. George, Kerss

Newman, Mrs. William, Dartmouth
Newton, John Gubbins, esq. Stone House
Nicholls, Mr. John, Slapton

Parsons, Mr. Robert, Stockadon
Patey, Mr. William, Plymouth
Pearce, Mr. Cyprian, Batton Stokenham
Peters, Mr. William, Musician, Modbury
Pinwell, Mr. A. Salcombe
Pound, Mr. George, Kingsbridge
Pretejohn, Mr. N. jun. Beeson
Prideaux, R. J. esq. Kingsbridge
Prideaux, W. esq. Totness
Preyter, Mr. James, Chivelstone
Puddicombe, John, esq. Dartmouth

Rachet, Mr. Totness
Randle, Mr. Thomas, Ringmore
Richards, Mr. Jas. Singing-master, Yealmpton
Rundle, Mr. John, Galmpton
Rundle, Mr. Thomas, Avetongifford

Salcombe Chapel, the Feoffees of
Saunders, Mr. William, Ivy Bridge, Harford
Seale, J. H. esq. Mount Boon, Dartmouth
Searle, Mr. William, Staverton
Seckcombe, Mr. John, Grampound, Cornwall
Shearman, Mr. S. T. Organist, Mansfield
Sheepshanks, Mrs. Torquay
Sheepshanks, Rev. Mr. ditto
Shepherd, Miss P. R. Thurlestone
Sheriff, Mr. Richard, ditto
Shillibeer, Mr. William, Sheepstone
Sinkins, Mr. William, Dodbrooke
Smith, J. B. esq. Dartmouth
Smith, John, esq. Dock
South Huish, the Choir of
Southwood, Mr. Richard, Printer, &c. Kingsbridge
Square, William, esq. Witloxworthy
Square, John, esq. Kingsbridge
Square, Henry Roe, esq. Exeter
Stephens, Mr. W. V. Kingsbridge
Stone, Mr. Edward, jun. Frogmore
Strong, Henry, esq. Kingsbridge
Stabb, Mr. T. Dartmouth
Sumpter, Mr. Charles, Portlemouth

Thomas, Mr. Dartmouth
Thorn, Mr. William, Singing-master, Moretonhampstead
Thurlestone, the Choir of
Torr, Mr. Edward, Bears Coombe
Toy, Mr. William, South Milton
Tozer, Mr. A.P. Broadhempstone
Tucker, Mr. Tuckenhay
Tuckermann, Mr. William, Venn
Tunking, Capt. West Teignmouth
Twisdon, T. esq. Dartmouth

Walters, Mr. Plympton
Weeks, Mr. Samuel T. jun. Dodbrooke
Weymouth, Mr. Francis, Collapit
Weymouth, Mr. James, Salcombe
Whiddon, Mr. William, Thurlestone
Wills, Mr. William, Salcombe
Winton, Mr. H, Bookseller, St John's, Newfoundland, 6 Copies
Winzer, Mr. John, Thurlestone
Wise, Rev. G. F. Kingsbridge
Wonnacott, Mr. George, Singing-Master, South Tawton
Woolborough, the Feoffees of
Wyatt, Mr. John, Plymouth
Wyatt, Mr. F. ditto


While the book itself is undated, the Hymn Tune Index notes that the British Library copy has a watermark of 1816, indicating an earliest possible date of publication. However, the inclusion of H[enry David] Winton in the subscribers' list suggests late 1818 as the earliest date, as Winton emigrated to St. John's (Newfoundland) in August of that year and set up his bookselling business (Dictionary of Canadian Biography).
A review of the book in The Monthly Magazine in 1821 (see below) suggests this later date of publication, as there is nothing in the review to indicate that the work was being reviewed several years after its first publication.

Stephen Jarvis and his family emigrated to St. Andrew's, New Brunswick "after 1820", where he died in 1834 at the age of 73 (information from FindAGrave).


From pp361-362 (under 'New Music and the Drama') of The Monthly Magazine, or British Register, No. 360, of 1 November 1821 (part 4 of Vol. 52):

'Twelve Psalm Tunes and eight Anthems, in Score, figured for the Organ or Piano Forte. Composed by Stephen Jarvis, Dartmouth. 14s.

Though we cannot speak of the compositions here presented to us, in terms of unqualified praise, we feel justified in pronouncing them to be far from devoid of merit. In the psalm melodies we find some manifestations of fancy, as well as a suitable gravity of style; and if the bass is not always the best that might have been adopted, the harmony founded upon it is generally well constructed, though we cannot say that we meet with any of those artificial and ingenious dispositions which announce the great harmonist or master of superior contrivance. These remarks are equally applicable to the anthems, the solos of which, while they exhibit genuine specimens of church air, or melody, are somewhat deficient in that spirit and sweetness necessary to inspire a warm devotion; a blemish which is not compensated by the richness or variety of the harmonical construction. The impression, however, which we receive from our view of the whole of this publication, is not such as ought to give pain or discouragement to Mr. Jarvis as a composer of church music. The province in which he has here exercised his talents, is too intricate and difficult to involve in disgrace a moderate degree of success; and we hope that the only effect of these remarks will be to induce his further and more strenuous exertions in the same arduous walk of composition.'

List of works

Pages Description Text
012 Psalm. 106. N.V. Verses 1. 2. 4. & last O render thanks to God above
022-3 Psalm the 31st. 1st 2d 3d & 5th Verses. Defend me, Lord, from shame
033-4 Psalm 32nd. 1st 7th 10th & 11th Verses. He's blest whose sins have pardon gained
044 Psalm 34th. 1 2 3 and 4/5 Verses Through all the changing scenes of life
055 Psalm 23d. 1 2 3 & 6 Verses The Lord himself, the mighty Lord
065-6 Psalm 103d. Verses 1/2 3/4 8 & last My soul, inspired with sacred love
076 Psalm 1st. Verses 1 2 3 & last How blest is he who ne'er consents
086-7 Psalm 5. Verses 1/2 3 8 & last Lord, hear the voice of my complaint
098 Psalm 116th. Verses 1 2 5/6 & 7 My soul with grateful thoughts of love
109 Psalm 69th. 1/2 16 20 & 29/30 Verses Save me, O God, from waves that roll
1110 Psalm 40. Verses 1 5 6 7/8 I waited meekly for the Lord
1211 Psalm 135th. Verses 1. 2. 3. & 5. O praise the Lord with one consent: a footnote suggests Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes as an alternative text.
1312-16 Anthem 1st Chapter 1st Epistle general of Peter Blessed be the God and Father
1416-24 Anthem. Psalm 30th Verse 11th Hear, O Lord, and have mercy
1524-32 Anthem. Part of the 81st and 85th Psalms. Sing ye merrily unto God our strength
1633-40 Anthem. Part of the 91st & 89th Psalms. Whoso dwelleth under the defence of the most high
1741-47 Anthem Psalm 3d Lord, how are they increased that trouble me
1847-54 Anthem Part of 6 Chapter Romans Christ being raised from the dead
1954-63 Anthem Psalm 118th Verse 18th The Lord hath chastened and corrected me
2064-73 Anthem 15th Chapter Revelations Great and marvellous are thy works

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Blessed be the God and Father 1816 12-16 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
Christ being raised from the dead 1816 47-54 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
Defend me, Lord, from shame 1816 2-3 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
He's blest whose sins have pardon gained 1816 3-4 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Hear, O Lord, and have mercy 1816 16-24 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
How blest is he who ne'er consents 1816 6 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
I waited meekly for the Lord 1816 10 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 1816 6-7 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
My soul, inspired with sacred love 1816 5-6 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
My soul with grateful thoughts of love 1816 8 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O praise the Lord with one consent 1816 11 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O render thanks to God above 1816 2 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Save me, O God, from waves that roll 1816 9 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes 1816 11 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
The Lord himself, the mighty Lord 1816 5 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Through all the changing scenes of life 1816 4 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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