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Country of origin: Spain

Contributor since: 2016-12-15

Works with editions by this editor: 14 (see list)

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This Research Center was born in 2011, thanks to the curiosity of a group of musicians, interpreters, musicologists and amateurs who wanted to create an international website about the important composer from Avila, putting together as much inormation about his life and his work as possible, as well as to guarantee access to this information. That is the reason why this Virtual Centre as started on the occasion of the 4th centenary of Tomas Luis de Victoria's death. It was developed during the year or the centenary, until 27th August 2012. From the moment it was established, it is the reference site where finding the best information about the composer. This project is supported by the Professional Conservatory of Music Tomas Luis de Victoria of Avila (Spain), which hosts the archives. It was also financed jointly in its launch by the Townhall of the birthplace of the musician. For its preservation, there is a big group of system administrators that work for this Virtual Centre of Studies in their free time. It is thanks to their collaboration that the existence of this site is possible. In February 2015 all the site was rebuilt in order to adapt it to the new brand, offering a better access through smartphones and tablets, and improving its technical possibilities.

The universality of Victoria's music lies beneath this Centre, and that is why this site has been built as an Open Source, and all its contents are free source with a Creative Commons licence. This site is available in different languages. Visitors will find here: Biographical information about the musician; His complete work classified properly, with specific information about each work and its score, with serveral transcriptions and a facsimile whenever it is possible; a bibliography about Vitoria, with detailed information; news about concerts, editions, courses, seminars or other activities related to him; pocasts an quoted discography references on Victoria's music, with links for its free listening (whenever it is possible); monographic reports as well as aesthetic studies uploaded in the Virtual Centre of Studies, contact and discussion forums (in spanish).

Ambitious and exciting, this labour is going to be developed, perhaps with time but with continuous effort, thanks to the support of those people contributing to this site, dedicated to whom is still considered to be the most covered Spanish musician around the world.