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The CPDL is for free public domain choral music. As such, posting commercial links is not appropriate. For more information, please see the article What is CPDL?. Thanks! -- Kkroon

I appreciate and respect what you are saying, however the article that you cite does not specifically address what you say. For consideration, what would be an acceptable way to provide such links? - (which I felt in my opinion were only placed in places that were appropriate to the music displayed on the page and in no other place - and being of possible interest to the viewer of the page in connection with the music). ie: a contribution (open to suggestions), Bearing in mind that the site is hobbyist (for my part) and is not on a commercial scale it certainly has never provided a viable income and is more a labour of love. NP

In the Admin forum on the CPDL Bulletin Board, it was suggested that an appropriate place for a link too the Note Perfect site would be on the User:Noteperfect (or User:Rod Mather) page. ChuckGiffen 07:38, 26 July 2006 (PDT) transitioning to

  • Posted by: Vaarky 02:52, 14 October 2008 (UTC)
 Help appears to be transitioning its scores to to Is the contact info still valid? I didn't receive a response when I e-mailed that site some months ago about missing scores.

Also, should we define a {{LnkWeb|Whatever}} location for these 34 scores that are moving? Is 34 too few? Does LnkWeb get defined by an admin at the server level or is there a place to go where any wiki editor can do this?

Reply by: Chucktalk Giffen 12:03, 14 October 2008 (UTC)


Template:LnkWeb uses Template:Website which is easily updated by an admin. For a new listing, all that is required is to add a new optional parameter there, something like:

|case: Mather=

on a separate line. LnkWeb is a simply a "wrapper" for displaying the link stored in Website with a net icon ( Network.png ). For some sites changes where the directory structure is preserved, Template:Website would be used directly as the first part of the link to scores.

In any case, 34 is more than enough to use this method.

Reply by: Vaarky 02:18, 15 October 2008 (UTC)


Thanks! I've defined the Rod_Mather variable there (apparently it can accept spaces?!?), and checked that the Victoria pages still work :) I'll go through and update the individual pointers to use the variable shortly.

Updating links to your website

Hello (Rod Mather?) Thank you so much for taking the time to update the links on CPDL to your new website. Just to let you know, a new template has been set up to make it easier to update links in the future should they change. This is Template:Website. So, instead of typing

[ {{net}}]

(or whatever) for the link from the CPDL score page, please type

[{{website|Mather}} {{net}}]

Then, if the URL ever needs to be changed in the future, all that it takes is a quick change to the template, not changing every score page that has a link. Also, there's no need to duplicate the link to your website on every score page under "External websites:" I hope this is ok. Regards --Bobnotts talk 09:04, 24 October 2008 (UTC)

FORGIVE ME if I am typing in the wrong place, I have to really get used to wiki stuff.
As this is a discussion :-
while I understand the ease for using
[{{website|Mather}} {{net}}] I was attempting to be user friendly for people browsing IE 1st CPDL is searched > they find a file they like the look of, but its a link (say) to my site > They land on my site and have to search again.
So I was eliminating the second search by making a direct link to open the page for the specified file. I cannot put direct links to the file, because that is the way the site is set up. I have also set up my system, that should I change the category (etc) of the work (file)THE LINK WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME. As much as I understand the easy method that you suggest, I would prefer the link to the actual page kept to be friendly for users. I intend to keep cantatedomino for years, and I don't envisage moving anything once it is there. Unless users RULE that I must use that format, may I be allowed to continue with direct linking to the actual page?
Not everything that was in the rodeby.noteperfect site will be transferred, I need to obtain permission from some of the contributors. The old site will remain for a few more months. The new sites suffered hacking and was destroyed several times when using Joomla, and a few weeks ago I had to start all over again without Joomla.
With reference to the External link section, I noticed that someone had already done it for some of the pages with my work, (and I am sure it wasn't me who did it). I was merely trying to standardise. I won't add it there any more.
Thank you
--Noteperfect 09:54, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Rob, I agree with Rod that, in this case, the direct link to the page is preferable. We should avoid using template Website in his editions, or perhaps change his entry in the template to only bring the fixed part of the URL (, and completing the link outside (, though I'm not sure this second alternative is worth the change, since a move to other domain would likely break this logic too. Regards —Carlos Email.gif 12:04, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Permit me to wade in here. When I created Template:website, it was my intent that, for "moveable" sites where the directory/file structure is preserved and it is desired to link deeper, the template entry would only contain the fixed part of the URL, as Carlos suggests. The main issues are portability, ease of transition should the URL change, and the shortening of the link code on our pages (such as has been achieved with Victoria). -- Chucktalk Giffen 12:37, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Something odd is happening. Following this discussion, I have started to use [{{website|Mather}} {{net}}] and completing the link outside as suggested, and WHILE (yes while) I am updating it seems that someone has changed the template from "" to "" which is absurd. THAT LINK leads nowhere, FOR EXAMPLE the link to my site on "" leads nowhere. and such like upsets any of the links on this site(CPDL) that are just "[{{website|Mather}} {{net}}]". An shtml site is essentially an elementary database web site. and requires input after the .shtml?xxxxx to allow a page to be displayed. I have taken care of how people find the actual home page, from "" and for the template to be more than this is of no help to me either me as an editor, or others as users. I had allocated this Sunday to get all my links right, and it seems that I have just wasted the last few hours, and I have limited time for this sort of thing. I can either use [{{website|Mather}} {{net}}] or I can completely use the system I was originally using, but a template that includes "/cd/index.shtml" after the domain is not helpful and from this site sometimes leads nowhere as shown above. Please Please revert the template to the root URL "" only. (Hopefully today) so that I can continue. THE ONLY CONCERN THAT THIS SIGHT SHOULD HAVE IS THE DOMAIN, anything after that is my concern. Thank you for reading.
I took the longer version, with the stuff after the .org, by following the "this site is moving" link on your site and copying the URL it landed me on. As requested, I've changed the Mather template to point to only. Sorry for any problems that caused. --Vaarky 04:16, 26 October 2008 (UTC)
Thanks Vaarky, much appreciated, i'll set too checking all the links - Best wishes.

Hi Rod, it was I who changed template website to include "/cd/index.shtml", after a consensus the admins found on the forum. The idea was to simplify things even more for you, who would need to add just the ?xx.txt part of the address. If you really want that this last change be reverted, just inform me and I'll return your links as they were before. Thanks. —Carlos Email.gif 04:53, 26 October 2008 (UTC)

Reply by: Chucktalk Giffen 12:34, 26 October 2008 (UTC)


A "website" entry in Template:Website does not have to be a full URL to a website (although it often is). But rather, it may be a "fixed part" or "front end" to a website used to display links to external website pages - with the extra code immediately following necessary to locate specific pages, as in the "http:// ... index.shtml" situation, at least where it is anticipated that in the future the domain owner would keep the directory/file structure the same across any moves of the domain to a different server. The whole idea is, as Carlos has pointed out, to save both effort in adding future links to pages at the website (just having to type in ?xxxx rather than /cd/index.shmtl&xxxx) and code length on ChoralWiki webpages. But, since Mr. Mather insists we only use the "http ... domain name", I suppose we'll have to acquiesce to his wishes, even though it will mean more work for him and less work for us.

Reply by: Vaarky 16:19, 26 October 2008 (UTC)


I actually think in this case it makes more sense to have it the way Rod suggests for portability. He's essentially structuring his site so it's the deep links that stay portable, and wants to give CPDL users the convenience of having the score link go straight to the score instead of the index page where you have to guess which category it's in. So if we set the template to the the domain name, and he fills in the score location, it's more convenient for CPDL users to go straight to the score. I personally really like Rod's approach.

(Note my earlier posting where I mentioned that I'd already changed the template to be just the domain name; the full domain name expanded to the same link as the one with the extra stuff after the domain link so the result is the same page whether the template ended in .com or included the location of the default index page. In retrospect, in that case I should have left it as .com instead of adding the extra stuff in case the site changes the name of the default landing page from, say, index html to index.shtml.)

The code
[{{website|mather}}/cd/index.shmtl?13.txt {{net}}]
produces the link Network.png to the Vivaldi Gloria in D (RV589) page at Cantate Domino. If the line
in Template:Website were changed to
then the code
[{{website|mather}}?13.txt {{net}}]
would produce exactly the same link with less typing required (and less code on our pages). If Rod wishes to have less to type (just something like "?13.txt") in linking to his work pages, then the second alternative is better, and I'm sure that we'd be happy to change the links he has already provided. If he'd rather have to type the extra "/cd/index.shmtl" for each work he lists at CPDL, then this is okay, too. It is unfortunate that Rod's direct links to specific works pages at Cantate Domino were obliterated by simply providing the generic link to, when the intent was (and should be) to provide direct links to the works pages, using the Template:Website appropriately. My apologies to all concerned. -- Chucktalk Giffen 14:18, 27 October 2008 (UTC)
I have already made it very clear, that I do not wish "/cd/index.shtml" to be included in the template. And I have already stated the reasons above. Vaarkey seems to understand all this quite clearly. To reiterate 1. that that there ARE (unless someone has changed it) links that are just
and when followed if it included "/cd/index.shtml" would go nowhere. due to the nature of shtml. Follow this > there is no content. Now follow this and because I have done my homework, it reaches home page content 2. There is more control of the destination, when just the root URL is used. and additionally 3. For my part, there is no more or less for me to type. In fact I do not type any URL because my site is contained in a MS Access database, all I do is click a button in the database and the correct URL is read into memory for pasting into choral wiki. I do not type a thing, all I do is paste, and quite honestly I don't even need to see what is pasted. All I do is test the URL in the wiki in the preview as belt and braces just to make sure it is correct. However, each time the template is changed I have to revise the programming in my ms access database
Cantate Domino is eventually going to replace, the previous site I had. I was acting responsibly to check and revise the links to ensure that there are no dead links. Cantate Domino has on two occasions, when it was being created within the Joomla software, hacked my Islamic fundamentals, the second time not only taking down Cantate Domino, but all my sites. I had to go back to the drawing board and start again without joomla. After a couple of months in the current format I considered it safe to continue to the next level, and in so doing I felt it was reasonable to start revising the links in CPDL to reflect the changes. I was taking responsibility for my links to prevent them becoming dead links.

Please Please leave the template at the top level
1 because that is all it needs to be. 2. because any links in CPDL that do not have "?xxx.txt" (and there have been some) will lead nowhere. 3. I have more control on how I operate my site. Because it is not totally definite that I will leave it in the "/cd/" folder. Thank you for reading.