William Lawes

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Born: 1602

Died: 24 September 1645


The entry in Cathedral Music, Volume 2 (William Boyce) reads:

William Laws, Son of Thomas Laws, Vicar-Choral of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, received his Musical Education from John Coperario, an Italian, and was admitted a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, January the 1st, 1602. He became much esteemed for his Compositions by King Charles the First, who honoured him with particular Notice. He was slain fighting in the cause of his Sovereign, at the Siege of Chester in 1645.

His Younger Brother Henry, was also admitted a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal in 1625: He lived till the Year 1662, and became Organist to King Charles the Second at the Restauration. He was more distinguished for his Secular, than his Church Music. The Poet Milton, who was a discerning Judge of Musical Merit, and a good Performer on the Organ, wrote the sonnet beginning //"Harry, whose tuneful and well measur'd Song"// in his Commendation.

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