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Born: 26 December 1775

Died: 1859


The register of St Leonard's, ShoreditchLink to the English Wikipedia article records the baptism in December 1775 of 'Zachariah S[on] of Thomas & Magdalene Whelpdale of Primrose Street Born ye 26th & Baptised ye 29th inst'. (London Metropolitan Archives, St Leonard Shoreditch, Register of baptisms, Apr 1771 – Oct 1778, P91/LEN/A/004/MS07496, Item 008).

On 30 November 1800, Zechariah Whelpdale (who signed the register using this spelling of his name) married Sarah Breddell at St George in the EastLink to the English Wikipedia article. The couple were described as a bachelor and spinster, both resident in the parish, and the marriage was by banns (London Metropolitan Archives, Saint George in the East, Register of marriages, P93/GEO, Item 039)

Whelpdale's collection of New Music … the words chiefly from the collection of hymns used in the late Countess of Huntingdon's chapels was published by James Peck in 1807: the book was entered at Stationers Hall by Peck on 28 January 1807.

In addition, some of Whelpdale's music was published in collections compiled by others. For example, W. J. White's The Sacred Herald, London: [c1820] includes one hymn tune and one set-piece by Whelpdale, and Thomas Jarman's The Voice of Melody, London: [c1832-1834] includes a set-piece by Whelpdale.

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  • New Music, London: James Peck, [1807]

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