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General information

Source of text is Song of Songs 5:8-12,13b,16-17,6:1-2a.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

5:8  Adjuro vos, filiae Jerusalem, si inveneritis dilectum meum, ut nuntietis ei quia
amore langueo.
5:9  Qualis est dilectus tuus ex dilecto, o pulcherrima mulierum?
Qualis est dilectus tuus ex dilecto, quia sic adjurasti nos?
5:10  Dilectus meus candidus et rubicundus, electus ex milibus.

5:11  Caput eius aurum optimum: comae eius sicut elatae palmarum, nigrae quasi corvus.
5:12  Oculi eius sicut columbae super rivulos aquarum, quae lacte sunt lotae, et resident
juxta fluenta plenissima.

5:13b  Labia ejus lilia, distillantia myrrham primam.
5:16  Guttur illius suavissimum, et totus desiderabilis, et totus amabilis. Talis est dilectus meus, ipse est
amicus meus, filiae Jerusalem.
5:17  Quo abiit dilectus tuus, o pulcherrima mulierum?
Quo declinavit dilectus tuus, et quaeremus eum tecum?
6:1  Dilectus meus descendit in hortum suum ad areolam aromatum, ut pascatur in hortis,
et lilia colligat.
6:2a  Ego dilecto meo, et dilectus meus mihi.

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

(vv. 8-10)

Kényszerítlek titeket, Jerusalem leányai,
ha megtaláljátok az én szerelmesemet,
vigyétek hirűl neki, hogy a szerelem miatt ellankadok.
Minő a te szerelmesed a szerelmesek fölött,
oh te legszebbje az asszonyoknak,
hogy így kényszerítesz minket?
Az én szerelmesem fehér és piros,
választott ezrek közűl.

English.png English translation

5:8  I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell him that
I languish with love.
5:9  What manner of one is thy beloved of the beloved, O thou most beautiful among women?
What manner of one is thy beloved of the beloved, that thou hast so adjured us?
5:10  My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen out of thousands.

5:11  His head is as the finest gold: his locks as branches of palm trees, black as a raven.
5:12  His eyes as doves upon brooks of waters, which are washed with milk, and sit
beside the plentiful streams.

5:13b  His lips are as lilies dropping choice myrrh.
5:16  His throat most sweet, and he is all lovely: such is my beloved, and he is
my friend, O ye daughters of Jerusalem.
5:17  Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou most beautiful among women?
Whither is thy beloved turned aside, and we will seek him with thee?
6:1  My beloved is gone down into his garden, to the bed of aromatical spices, to feed in the gardens,
and to gather lilies.
6:2a  I to my beloved, and my beloved to me.

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Ik bezweer jullie, meisjes van Jeruzalem,
als je mijn liefste tegenkomt,
zeg hem dan dat ik wegkwijn van liefde.
[Meisjes van Jeruzalem:]
Wat heeft jouw liefste vóór op een ander,
o mooiste onder de vrouwen?
Wat heeft hij meer dan een ander,
dat je ons dit zo bezweert?
Mijn liefste is stralend en blozend;
hij is er één uit duizenden.

Translation by Anton Hendriks, Ben Terstegge & Hanneke Pot

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