Awake my soul, awake mine eyes

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General information

Awake my soul, awake mine eyes is a hymn by Thomas Flatman.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1  Awake my soul, awake mine eyes,
Awake my drowsy faculties;
Awake and see the new-born light,
Sprung from the darksome womb of night.

2  Look up and see th'unwearied sun
Already has his race begun:
The pretty lark is mounted high,
And sings her matins in the sky.

3  Arise, my soul, and thou, my voice
In songs of praise early rejoice
O great Creator, heav'nly King,
Thy praises let me ever sing.

4  Thy pow'r has made, thy goodness kept
This fenceless body while I slept:
Yet one day more hast given me
From all the pow'rs of darkness free.

5  O keep my heart from sin secure,
My life unblamable and pure,
That when the last of days shall come,
I cheerfully may meet my doom.

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