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  • curprev 23:27, 4 March 2017CHGiffen talk contribs 456 bytes -2,143 Replaced content with "{{subst:CPDLnoPg}}"
  • curprev 17:49, 9 January 2015CHGiffen talk contribsm 2,599 bytes +226 Text replace - "Listing of works with edition numbers" to "<center>'''Navigation: [[ChoralWiki:CPDL {{padleft:{{#expr:{{#sub:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}} |5|-2}}-1}}|3}}xy]] ——— [[ChoralWiki:CPDL {{padleft:{{#expr:{{#sub:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}} |5|
  • curprev 05:19, 12 December 2011CHGiffen talk contribs 2,373 bytes +2,373 Created page with "Listing of works with edition numbers of the form 193xy <DPL> category=CPDL 193xy category=Sheet music order=ascending ordermethod=sortkey include={CPDLno} includema..."