Exsurge quare obdormis

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General information

Introit for Sexagesima. The last line, "Exurge Domine adjuva …" with verse "Deus auribus nostris" is the antiphon after the candles have been distributed at Candlemas. "Exsurge Domine et intende" is the Gradual for Monday of Holy Week."Exsurge Domine Deus" is a Tract for votive Masses.

Source of text below is Psalm 43:23-24,26 (Vulgate).

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Exsurge; quare obdormis Domine?
exurge, et ne repellas in finem.
Quare faciem tuam avertis?
Oblivisceris tribulationem nostram?
Exsurge, Domine, adjuva nos,
et libera[redime] nos [propter nomen tuum].

Ps. Deus auribus nostris audivimus
patres nostri annuntiaverunt nostri.

English.png English translation

44:23  Up, Lord, why sleepest thou: awake,
and be not absent from us for ever.
44:24  Wherefore hidest thou thy face:
and forgettest our trouble?
44:26  Arise, Lord, and help us:
and deliver us [for thy name's sake].

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