Eyvind Alnæs

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Aliases: Eyvind Alnaes


Born: 29 April 1872

Died: 24 December 1932

Biography: Eyvind Alnæs was born April 29, 1872 in Fredrikstad, Norway and died December 24, 1932 in Oslo, Norway.

Alnæs studied in Oslo with Iver Holter, in Leipzig with Carl Reinecke and in Berlin. He worked as an organist in Drammen from 1895 until 1907 and later as an organist og choir conductor in Oslo. He was one of the founders of the Norwegian Composers Association.

He composed two symphonies, Variations symphoniques, one piano concerto, piano pieces, choral preludies for organ, choir works and songs in an late-romantic style. The best known of his romances are "De hundrede violiner" (The hundred violins) and "Der du gjekk fyre" (Where you walked before me). Beside those his "Julemotett" (Christmas-motet) is very often performed and many Norwegian choirs perform this popular composition every Christmas.

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