Francesco Rosselli

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Aliases: François Roussel; Francesco Roscelli; Francesco Rossello


Born: c.1510

Died: after 1577


French composer. As his madrigals were published under various italianized forms of his name (Rosselli, Rossello, Roscelli, etc) historians have generally concluded that he was Italian, but in a document cited in I-Rslf he is referred to as ‘Franciscus Roussel gallus’. All we know of his activities outside Italy is that before 1568 he was a protégé of the seneschal Guillaume de Gadagne in Lyons. Two lists of the famiglia of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese show Roussel among the 11 musicians employed by the cardinal in 1544 and as a member of his household in 1563. This relationship may help to explain certain items in the composer's biography, in particular his nomination by the cardinal to the position of magister pueorum of the Cappella Giulia in 1548 and his appointment as maestro di cappella of S Lorenzo in Damaso in 1564. He was employed at S Luigi dei Francesi from 1566 to 1571 and at S Giovanni in Laterano in the years 1572–5.

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Works include 8 masses, 14 motets & numerous chansons & madrigals. The superius part of Adoramus te Christe I is used for (the 19c?) Adoramus te, Christe (attrib. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)

List of choral works

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  • Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1562)

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