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#REDIRECT [[Ik zeg adieu (Anonymous)]]
==Music files==
*'''CPDL #933:''' [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/sheet/fors-ikz.pdf {{pdf}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/sound/fors-ikz.mid {{mid}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/source/fors-ikz.zip NOTEWORTHY]
:'''Editor:''' [[User:Peter Boot|Peter Boot]] ''(added 2000-06-08)''.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Score information:''' 28 kbytes&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{{Copy|Personal}}
:'''Edition notes:''' text in Dutch, notes on piece are in Noteworthy file
==General Information==
'''Title:''' ''Ik zeg adieu''<br>
'''Composer:''' [[Georg Forster]]<br>
'''Genre:''' {{pcat|Secular| music}}, [[:Category:Partsongs|Partsongs]] <br>
'''Language:''' [[]]<br>
'''Instruments:''' {{acap}}<br>
'''Published:''' Antwerp Songbook<br>
'''External websites:'''
==Original text and translations==
[[Category:Sheet music]]
[[Category:Renaissance music]]

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